Sales Development Representative


Portland, OR, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Sales
  • Post Date: 01/18/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 1629 SW Salmon Street, Portland, OR, 97205

About OpenSesame

OpenSesame is the world's largest source for elearning courses focused on employee training. Buyers browse online training courses in a wide variety of subjects from workplace safety to business skills then purchase and start the courses instantly via their browser, by email, or delivered through any Learning Management System (LMS).

Job Description

Sales Development Representative – Helping buyers buy

This is not the traditional sales development role but then again OpenSesame is not your traditional company.  

At OpenSesame, you will be helping buyers in HR or training and development at mid- to large Global 5000 companies solve their training challenges: how do they consistently train employees all over the world? How do they meet the development needs for different generations of workers from baby boomers to millennials? How do they offer training for executives as well as front-line employees in different departments (e.g. sales, customer service, marketing, facilities, operations, etc.)?

Your day to day challenge will be to work with prospects and help them through their buying process until they are ready for a quote, customized demo, or to meet with a salesperson. You’ll work with your marketing colleagues to pinpoint the best lead generating programs and tactics as well as refine our messaging and targeting. You’ll work with awesome tools such as to find and engage new buyers. You’ll work with your sales colleagues to ensure the buyers you have chaperoned through the first part of the buyer process reach the end of the buying process with a satisfying result for both us and them.


At OpenSesame, you won’t find a laundry list of qualifications or the traditional approach to applying.

You have at least a few years of college-level education and the follow-up skills of a friendly pit bull. Ideally, you’ve already established yourself as a star in a lead development or sales role at another technology company.

You want to know everything you can about the buyers you are helping so you do research online to better understand their background. You have a great telephone personality that grabs the attention of the person on the other end of the line and can quickly establish rapport with senior management at mid- to large Global 5000 companies. You can relate to their business challenges and share how other companies you have helped have overcome the same issues. You are able to connect with the decision-making buyer and engage other stakeholders who are involved in the buying process. You can effectively communicate value to get past the gatekeeper and overcome objections with confidence.

The job itself is Portland-based, travel is minimal and you can bring your dog to work as long as he/she doesn’t bark every time you close a deal.

While it appears to most people that we just sell training courses (a lot of them), what we really offer is the opportunity for companies to upgrade the skills of every employee from the factory floor to the executive suite. This is the business case that needs to be developed, honed and proven. You’ll be given a pretty wide-open territory to develop and a bunch of hot leads to get started. But you’ll quickly discover your compensation is only limited by your imagination and hard work.

It’s okay if you want to apply directly but if you’d rather send us a description of your most significant sales accomplishment that’s even better. We’ll be discussing this in detail during the interview focusing on the entire process from making contact to closing the deal.

Summarize this info (a few paragraphs at most) in the cover letter option below or in a short video or slide deck. A link to your LinkedIn profile would be great.

If there’s a reasonable fit one of our recruiters will get back to you right away and we’ll connect with you to explore how we can work together.

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