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Burnaby City, British Columbia, CA
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Research Sci/Assoc/Mgr
  • Post Date: 12/27/2020
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  • Company Address: 108-3680 Bonneville Place British Columbia, Burnaby, BC, V3N 4T5

About General Fusion

General Fusion is developing fusion energy: a safe, limitless, clean, emission-free, and cost-competitive alternative for power generation. Established in 2002, General Fusion is supported by a global syndicate of leading energy venture capital funds, industry leaders, and technology pioneers.

Job Description

General Fusion is seeking experienced plasma physicists to contribute to the development of our magnetized target fusion (MTF) power plant. We are looking for individuals to aid in the analysis of our experimental campaigns, who can then use that information to develop models that compare experimental results with simulation and help inform the direction of future development.

General Fusion seeks individuals who are self-motivated, have good communication skills and can stay focused on goals while operating in a fast paced development environment. We welcome individuals who possess the drive required to work on difficult problems, are excited by alternative and innovative solutions and are comfortable with working both independently and within a group.


• The successful candidate will work under the Director of Plasma Development and, with the rest of the engineering and physics staff, to further the development of plasma targets for General Fusion’s power plant design.
• The work involved in this project combines a wide range of skill sets, and each team member will need to become familiar with the full scope of the plasma development and understand how their work relates to that of the whole.

Specific responsibilities include:

• Analysis of data produced by experimental campaigns and reporting of results.
• Relating the analysis to known plasma physics theory and simulation.
• Using experimental results to inform further plasma technology development.
• Diagnostic development


Qualified candidates possess a balance of strong plasma theory background and practical experimentation skills. Candidates for this position must have:

• A Ph.D. or equivalent degree in plasma physics or a closely related field.
• Strong background in research related to magnetic confinement of plasmas.
• Strong grasp of plasma theory and ability to apply relevant theory to develop models ofthe experimental system as well as to contribute to technological innovations.
• Practical experimentation skills.
• Experience doing quantitative analysis in Igor, Matlab or similar programming environment.
• Proven ability to work well within a team setting.
• Additional consideration will be given to candidates who have experience in:
• Magnetized Target Fusion.
• Use of visible, VUV, or soft X-ray spectroscopy to analyze high temperature plasmas.

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