Software Engineer (Back End)

Farmers Business Network

San Carlos, CA, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Post Date: 01/27/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 1123 Industrial Suite 200, San Carlos, CA, 94070

About Farmers Business Network

Farmers Business Network is an independent and unbiasedâ„ , farmer-to-farmer agronomic information network. Our mission is to improve the livelihood of farmers by making data useful and accessible.

Job Description

How can we sustainably feed the world? With the population set to reach nine billion by 2050 and available farmland decreasing, the odds are stacked against us. This problem falls squarely on the shoulders of farmers, who are increasingly working harder for less. FBN helps farmers to solve these problems.

Farmers are often forced to make key decisions in the face of significant uncertainty about their impact. FBN applies technology and data science to this challenge. We're building the world's largest agronomic dataset - made up of billions of datapoints, gathered from sophisticated sensors on farm equipment. The network effect of farmers sharing their data allows us to deliver unprecedented analyses that help farmers make data-driven decisions - we're not just building new technology, we're also making new agricultural scientific discoveries.

We are looking for a back-end engineer to join some of the brightest minds in data science and engineering to help build an immensely valuable product for our farmers and for our future!

The Role
Agriculture combines complex biological, mechanical, meteorological, chemical, and economic systems. In this role, you will build code and infrastructure to efficiently process, transform, and analyze large amounts of data from these systems. You will build services and back-end logic to enable farmers to derive insights and take actions based on the unique FBN dataset. You will also work with our Data Science team to enable complex analyses.

The Person
You are the right person for this role if you have a passion for building robust and scalable systems that tame complex problems. You possess excellent computer science skills, and have a strong track record of building backend systems. You have the architectural skills to put together a complex distributed system. You have deep expertise in a programming language such as C/C++/Go/Java/Python/Javascript. You understand the broader web stack including HTTP, TCP/IP, Linux, Docker, databases, etc. You are an excellent and prolific coder, with an appreciation for quality and testability. You care about correctness and the details required to achieve it.

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