Facility Operations Support Technician


Indianapolis, IN, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Technical/Customer Support
  • Post Date: 08/30/2009
  • Website: newgistics.com
  • Company Address: 2700 Via Fortuna Suite 300, Austin, TX, 78746

About Newgistics

Newgistics is the premier provider of intelligent returns management solutions for the retail, medical supplies and healthcare, service parts, telecommunications equipment and computing industries.

Job Description


The individual in this position is responsible for the implementation and set-up of computer equipment in the facility and reports directly to the Facility Manager. This individual will be responsible for the set-up, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance of all on-site office and scan station equipment including printers, scales and scan equipment. The individual will be responsible for training and supporting facility personnel on the proper use and care of the equipment and will also ensure that all components are functional and are maintained on a regular basis as outlined by the company's standard operating procedures.


Installs and maintains the set-up and on-going support of printers, scales and scan equipment including the loading of printer labels, ribbon, toner, paper, etc.
* Installs and maintains all hardware, printing and peripheral equipment at the guidance of Corporate IT.
* Provide support, troubleshooting, problem detection and repair as well as general and preventative maintenance and repair as needed for all hardware.
* Act as remote hands / support for Corporate IT.
* Report on production status and/or escalation of service level interruption to Corporate IT.
* Provide end user support and train end users on the proper use of equipment as necessary.
* Maintain, troubleshoot and make minor repairs to dysfunctional equipment including printers, scales and scan guns.
* Handle maintenance and warranty repairs with vendors.
* Assist with overseeing updating of patches and applications upgrades as necessary at the direction of Corporate IT.
* Maintain asset inventory and oversee any spares as necessary.
* Assist with training employees and temps on the equipment used in the facility.
* Oversee the printing of labels for project clients.
* Promote and demonstrate company policies and procedures and follow all Corporate IT guidelines and direction.
* Recommend process improvements as necessary.
* Use a hands-on approach to assist and train individuals as necessary.
* Practice good housekeeping to ensure a safe and efficient environment exists at all times.


2-3 years experience preferably in a parcel processing setting with IT experience and knowledge supporting computer equipment, scales, printers, scanners, etc.
* Excellent written and oral communication skills.
* Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills.
* Must have initiative, i.e. self-starter and an organized individual who is able to handle multiple projects and areas of responsibility.
* Able to use dock equipment (hand pallet jacks, etc.) and lift 20-50 pounds to waist high.
* Must become knowledgeable in operations SOP's.
* Experience with production zebra printers is a plus

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