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San Francisco, CA, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Professional Svcs
  • Post Date: 07/28/2009
  • Website: nileguide.com
  • Company Address: , San Francisco, CA

About NileGuide

NileGuide is a travel planning site allowing users to search for hotels, restaurants and other tour destinantions.

Job Description

Help build the leading online travel planning website NileGuide.com. We are looking for web-savvy travel writers to add unique local expert advice and content to the destinations on NileGuide. In this position you will be featured as the NileGuide authority for your destination and help NileGuide create the best travel content and travel planning tools on the web.

NileGuide: "All you need to plan your perfect trip."

NileGuide is the only travel planning website where travelers can plan their complete trip all in one place. NileGuide combines guidebook information, personalized searching for things to see and do, places to stay, integrated booking with one step price comparisons and the ability to organize all this information into a professional quality personalized guide book users can print or download to their iPhone.

For most travelers, the most challenging part of planning a trip is quickly and easily finding the most pertinent travel information. At NileGuide, travelers will find exclusive tips and suggestions, learn about local neighborhoods and personalized searches using travel interests like arts, outdoors, history as well travel styles such as romantic and kid friendly. The result is that users can easily create their own "perfect trips" which means they both save time and, more importantly, have more rewarding travel experiences.

We just received the largest round of funding ever granted to a travel planning site; with our personalization tools, media and booking elements, we're on track to become a top-tier travel website. Local experts plan an integral role in our success by offering our users local insight they can't get anywhere else.

The Local Expert Role

This is a great opportunity for anyone with professional writing experience and a passion for where they live. You will have the opportunity to tell the world what makes your destination great and reap the rewards from doing so. Initially NileGuide compensates Local Experts on a project basis to get destinations going. But, over time as your content helps attract travelers to NileGuide, we will share a percentage of the revenue we generate from your destination. The higher the quality of the content you create, the more money you can make. Activities will vary from reviewing the state of current points of interest, to writing descriptions of points of interests, to adding photos, to blogging and more.

NileGuide is looking for people who:

- Love to write. A big part of the job is writing about your destination, whether it's a description of a point of interest, a neighborhood or of the local food.

- Are extremely knowledgeable about the destination. NileGuide wants to highlight the unique places and activities that only locals know about!

- Be enthusiastic about learning about how to compose search engine optimized (SEO) content.

- Are reliable, responsive, timely and detail-oriented.

- Are proficient in Microsoft Excel. You will use Excel for many of your assignments.

- Live in the destination you are writing for, and plan to be there for at least one to two additional years. We want someone who can make a commitment to NileGuide.

- Have an excellent command of written English.

- Have a College or University degree.


Currently, these are work-for-hire assignments, and compensation will be fixed for each assignment. As the site grows, we will move to a payment model where writers are compensated based on the traffic that their content generates. Our expectation is that Local Experts will have the opportunity, through the quality of their content, to earn far more money than current work-for-hire rates.

How to Apply:

Please email your resume, a cover letter explaining why you would make a fantastic local expert, and a 200-word description of your destination to [email protected] Also, please include a list of the publications (newspapers, magazines, blogs, email newsletters, etc.) that you read on a regular basis to keep you up to date on what is going on where you live. Please put "application for local expert " in the subject of the email. We will respond to qualified candidates only.

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