Senior Database Engineer


San Mateo, CA, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: IT
  • Post Date: 04/20/2009
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  • Company Address: 1825 South Grant road, # 200, San Mateo, CA, 94402

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Job Description

We are looking for an experienced database engineer to help build out our platform. You must be a quick learner, have good communication skills, and be able to maintain ownership of projects throughout their lifecycle: architecture/design, implementation, testing, and post-release maintenance. You’ll bring a proven pragmatic approach to database architecture, data services implementation, analytics and data warehousing and experience with working with large data sets. This position requires direct experience in the implementation of a data warehouse.

Job Responsibilities

* Provide database design, database development, and methodologies for analytics system.
* Develop extensible, scalable, reliable software
* Provide prototyping to validate implementation approaches
* Document solutions, schemas, and design
* Participate in the on-going design and development
* Become data expert, deep understanding of data and data quality
* Provide consultancy for application developers to write efficient SQL on data warehouse platform
* Interest in growing into management as organization scales

Minimum Job Qualifications

* BS/MS in Computer Science, Engineering or related fields
* Minimum 8 years of software development experience
* 3-5 years of strong experience with large database
* 2-3 years of experience in building ETL for large scale data mart
* Experience in database design, migration, planning capacity, Disaster Recovery and High-Availability
* Strong in depth experience in database performance tuning, SQL query tuning.

Job Qualifications

* Working knowledge of standard data models (application, OLTP, OLAP) and the appropriate application of each.
* Previous experience as a core member of a team creating a data warehouse including hands-on experience in the design and implementation of an OLAP data mode (schema, SQL) and ETL code and process.
* Familiarity with database schema diagramming and documentation techniques (ERD’s, UML)
* Experience dealing with performance and scalability issues in the data mart environment
* Experience in mapping user requirements into flexible reporting structure, creating reports and related objects to support complex analysis
* Strong expertise in distributed systems design and implementation
* Familiar with open source and commercial reporting analytics, and ETL tools (Jasper, Pentaho, etc.)

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