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San Francisco, CA, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Post Date: 06/10/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: , San Francisco, California

About ReadMe

Beautiful, personalized, interactive developer hubs

Job Description

If you’re a polyglot who loves all languages (almost) equally, this is the job for you! The best documentation is tightly integrated with code, so that means we create and maintain a number of packages in various languages for our customers to use. We’re looking for someone to make our open source libraries feel consistent across languages, while also ensuring they fit the conventions of each individual tech stack.
Here’s our two most important modules that we want to both improve and spread to more languages:
API module - We own the package/gem/module “api” in lots of registries, and are on a mission to make the best API request module on the planet. We want to build a client that isn’t just generic, but rather understands APIs and how they work. You don’t have to use ReadMe to use it, however it’s very closely tied to documentation and has a ton of API-specific features. (Currently available in Node.)
Metrics - To make sure our docs are custom-tailored to each developer, we let our customers send API logs to ReadMe to be displayed inline. To do this, we need to hook into various frameworks and proxies. (Currently available in Node, Python, PHP, Ruby, and as a Cloudflare Worker.)
We're a small team of humans (and one owl) working together to do big things, and we’re growing fast! That’s where you come in. Since we’re a startup, you’ll make a big impact on ReadMe both in the daily responsibilities of your role and beyond.
🦉 What we do 
ReadMe helps more than 5,000 leading startups and tech companies build beautiful, personalized, and interactive developer hubs. If you’ve ever visited the developer docs for Intercom, Airbnb, or Notion, you’ve used ReadMe!
We love what we do because it’s so much more than just documentation. We’re providing tools for teams to build a better developer experience and make their products and APIs easier to use. We’ve got great support from our investors at Accel who led our Series A, and our interview process reflects the open, caring, and whimsical culture we want to maintain as we scale.

✅ What you’ll do here

    • Own all our public modules in various languages. Some are purely open source (aka no dependencies on our tool and can be used by anyone), and some help users connect with ReadMe.
    • Work with with Sales/Support/Product to understand what languages our customers most need, and translate core features to new languages.
    • Make sure the implementations in various languages are all up to date and have comparable implementations of features.
    • Engage with our community to merge pull requests and answer public issues.
    • Work closely with the rest of the Product and Engineering teams to make sure our public tools feel closely integrated with the rest of the product.
    • Create new packages/sdks/etc as we need ‘em!

💙 You'll love this job if you are...

    • Comfortable in many languages, and excited to learn new ones.
    • Passionate about the developer experience of APIs, and making APIs available to as many people as possible.
    • Flexible! You’re able to work with different languages week by week.
    • Experienced with package managers and publishing packages (npm, pip, gem, etc).
    • Knowledgeable about OpenAPI and JSON schemas.
    • Experienced with developer tools and using APIs.
    • Passionate about making products people love.

🌱 How you'll grow within one month

    • Become familiar with our current list of supported open source projects.
    • Work on small bugs and features, and release new versions.
    • Suggest improvements to our libraries.

3️⃣ Within three months, you'll...

    • Write SDKs/packages/modules in new languages.
    • Manage contractors writing SDKs on our behalf in languages we don’t know. (We have some relationships already in place!)
    • Add large features, such as tools that make debugging APIs easier, or development a breeze.
    • Work with the rest of the ReadMe engineering team to tighten up the integration between the libraries and the main product.

6️⃣ Within six months, you'll...

    • Build out automated tests suites to track and ensure feature completeness.
    • Suggest and build features on your own that tie back to the product.
    • Potentially create and own new open source integrations or packages.

🛣 What's the hiring process like?

    • We can’t wait to read your resume and (hopefully personality-filled) cover letter! Let us know what excites you about open source engineering, and help us get to know you better!
    • If we think we might be a good fit for you, we’ll set up a phone chat! We’ll tell you more about the role, and get a chance to hear about your experiences.
    • Next will be a second phone interview, where we’ll dive a bit more into your background.
    • Then we’ll invite you to an "onsite" interview conducted over Zoom! We start with a 15-minute get-to-know-you with the engineering team so you can meet the people you’ll be working with, and then have you talk with people one on one in the afternoon.
    • We’ll let you know how things went within a week! If it still seems like a good fit all around, we’ll extend you an offer! If not, we will update you to let you know so you aren’t left hanging.
At ReadMe, we’re committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We welcome people of all backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives. We are an equal opportunity employer and a pleasant and supportive place to work.
Not sure if you’d be the right fit? Apply anyway! We’d love to see your application.
This role will start out remotely due to COVID-19. We want to make sure all our employees feel safe in their work environments! Eventually, we plan for this role to be on-site at our San Francisco office (unless otherwise noted in the job title), though our plans for remote flexibility are currently in flux. If you are not based in the Bay Area, please note that in your application so that we can discuss potential relocation.

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