Sr. Software Engineer - Full Stack


San Francisco, CA, US / Remote
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Post Date: 06/02/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 612 Howard Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA, 94105

About Leapyear

LeapYear solves a hard problem that impacts every data-driven industry – enabling privacy-preserving aggregates, analytics and machine learning on sensitive data.

Job Description

About Us
LeapYear's secure machine learning platform is deployed by some of the largest enterprises in the world across finance, healthcare, and technology.
Our technology ensures differential privacy, a widely recognized standard of data privacy that enables all data - including sensitive information - to be used for analytics, while providing mathematically proven privacy protection.
About the Team
The Applications Team defines and builds the software that data owners use to connect data scientists to their sensitive data. We are building a robust set of post-ETL tools that permit administrators to shape and refine their data before provisioning access to it. Our team owns permissions, user and data management, and the public GraphQL API that controls them. As a member of the Applications Team, you'll be responsible for innovating ways to help data owners reason about the complex concepts underlying differential privacy, and providing an administrative API and UI for the entire system.
On the Applications Team, you'll work across disciplines, technologies, and teams to solve problems. Modeling a database within a database, integrating with customer user management systems using standards like SAML, designing and documenting APIs for use with customer systems, and integrating monitoring and tracing, all while following the strictest standards for security in the industry.
Like all teams at LeapYear, we reason about our abstractions using strongly-typed, functional-forward languages like TypeScript and Haskell. We believe in tests and automated code quality tools. We also believe in an open, safe, inclusive, and collaborative environment where everyone is comfortable and supported to bring their whole selves.
- You enjoy building tools for technical users, but want to understand their needs first
- You're comfortable in a smaller company where you get to define what you work on, instead of having tasks handed to you already well-defined
- You like being a polyglot and working on a diverse array of problems from day to day, instead of being highly specialized
- You are confident with modeling data in relational databases, but also like to build a web UI from time to time, and can help improve our CI build systems when they get slow (roughly 75/25 backend/frontend split)
- You like to ask questions and listen to people to help define and understand problems as much as you like writing the code to solve them
- You like to learn from and share your expertise with your teammates
- You're comfortable pairing, working solo, or with teammates from other teams at LeapYear - Design, Product, Platform, Infrastructure, or Algorithms - as the problem requires
- You have a high standard of code quality and test coverage, but also know when to stop bikeshedding
- You're comfortable building on-premises software for the enterprise where precision, correctness, and stability are more important than volume or scale


    • Develop the front-end and back-end of all LeapYear web applications for data scientists and data administrators
    • Run the full software development lifecycle - problem definition, design, development, testing, demoing, and supporting production use of the features you own
    • Collaborate with product management to create an intuitive experience for our users, giving them insight into sensitive data and powerful tools to work with data
    • Develop enterprise-ready features and integrations to meet the needs of the world's largest organizations
    • Balance immediate business objectives against long-term architectural vision
    • Represent complex, novel concepts from machine learning and cryptography in an intuitive way
    • Learn new technologies, best design practices and usability patterns


    • Several years of experience developing full-stack web applications including:
    • UI implementation
    • Client-server interaction
    • API design
    • SQL database manipulation
    • Strong JavaScript experience
    • Interest in or experience with functional programming paradigms
    • Interest in or experience with a type system
    • Clear opinions on testing, CI/CD, and engineering process
    • Enthusiasm for learning and evaluating new technologies
    • Strong focus on user experience at all levels of the product


    • Experience integrating web applications with enterprise systems
    • Experience designing and building microservices
    • Familiarity with our tech stack (React, GraphQL, Typescript, CSS3, PostgreSQL, Docker)
    • Experience with Cypress for testing
    • Interest in or experience with data analysis or machine learning
    • Strong analytical and quantitative problem solving ability

A Few of the Perks

    • Culture of teaching and learning
    • Competitive compensation package of salary and equity
    • Catered lunch every day
    • Company outings
    • Build your ideal work station
    • Generous health insurance plan
    • Relocation support and visa sponsorship

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