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  • Job Type: Intern
  • Function: Intern
  • Post Date: 06/10/2021
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  • Company Address: Gopala Krishna Complex, 45/3, Residency Road, MG Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Na, Bengaluru, Karnataka , 560025

About Digbi Health

Digbi Health as an innovative, caring company is focused on empowering 100 million Americans who struggle under the misguidance of ineffective one-size-fits-all digital therapeutic programs, weight loss diets and stigma of “poor self-control” while fighting
Obesity and Cobesity - the inflammatory co-morbidities associated with obesity - skin and gut disorders, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, and chronic pain.

We are the first Precision Digital Therapeutic company providing timely and precise lifestyle recommendations using gut microbiome, genetic risk and blood marker signals to improve health outcomes and deliver financial savings to payers, employers, individuals and government.

Our programs thrive because genetic risk and gut microbiome related food recommendation studies have shown remarkable results for treatment of Cobesity. Our customers love us because we acknowledge their unique physiology, and deliver data-driven personalized care, supported by specialist coaches, that puts the customer in charge. We currently support payers, employers and MD practices.

Job Description

About Digbi Health:

We are a team of doctors, software engineers, data scientists, genomic experts, clinicians, and proven business builders focused on empowering over 100 million American adults who struggle under the misguidance of one-size-fits-all chronic care programs, and the stigma of poor self-control while fighting obesity and weight-related inflammatory digestive disorders, skin condition, chronic pain, hypertension, elevated cholesterol & diabetes. 

Making an Impact: 

Digbi is a leading Precision Digital Care Platform for inflammatory comorbidities associated with gut health and obesity. The risk of these illnesses varies significantly across ethnicity and gender because they are rooted in the interactions between a person’s gut microbiome, genetics, and lifestyle risk factors. We are the first company that has successfully integrated gut microbiome, genetic, blood, and lifestyle based risk signals to provide personalized care for a diverse workforce and their families.

Our care programs are vetted and paid for by large insurance carriers and employers because they demonstrably deliver superior health outcomes and financial savings.   

We are actively engaged in human trials with leading medical schools. 

Our Core Values:

  • Caring - We’re an innovative digital healthcare company that prides itself on inclusion, diversity and passionately caring for one another and our members who have entrusted us with their health.
  • Accountable - We are responsible for building care systems that will bend the curve of healthcare cost in the US, while solving the root cause of illnesses vs. masking and managing symptoms. We encourage employees to act like an owner. So whenever you run into a problem, try to fix things first. If you can't, give constructive, actionable data driven feedback. We are a zero whining zone!
  • Customers come first - Without customers, we won’t exist and we should always put them first.
  • Build antifragility - We want everyone to take risks. We expect people to make mistakes and will support risk-taking as long as they are bound by ethics and are intended to be in the best interest of shareholders and customers. World-class companies lean into uncertainty, take risks to grow and get stronger.  
  • Simplify, Simplify, Simplify - Our science is complicated, healthcare is complicated. We strive to make things simple for everyone. Products.  Experiences. Processes. Communications.

About the internship:

  • Non-client facing
  • Meal Nutrient Profiling: The intern will be responsible for scoring meals based on Digbi unique algorithm to provide intuitive nutrition information for machine learning 

Academic Requirement 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science, Dietetics, or relevant field.
  • Fresher or 1-2 years experience as a professional nutritionist.
  • In-depth knowledge of biochemistry, research methods, and human physiology.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • A critical thinker with outstanding interpersonal skills.
  • Indian hours working (maybe expected to attend meetings in US time)

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