Senior Front-End Software Engineer (Data Analytics and Insights)


  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Web/Graphic Design/Internet
  • Post Date: 06/03/2021
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About Bevy

Provider of an online enterprise platform intended to handle event creation and management services. The company's platform using digital tools help companies to track their community events and impact through services like sponsorship management and analytical tracking, enabling its clients to manage and scale their user groups and event communities.

Job Description

About Bevy: 100% Remote Organization

Bevy is an early stage Startup with a mission to help brands build, grow and scale their virtual and in-person communities. Founded in April 2017 by the core team behind Startup Grind, Bevy is an Enterprise-grade SaaS platform used by companies that include Adobe, Amazon, Asana, Atlassian, Ebay, Epic Games, IDEO, Intuit, MongoDB, Red Bull, Roblox, Salesforce, SAP, Slack and many more. In April 2019, Bevy acquired CMX which is the world’s largest network of community professionals. CMX offers world-class training, events and research for the community industry. In May 2020, we raised a $15M series B investment to fuel our continued success and category expansion into virtual conferencing and events technology. 

The Role 

Bevy’s new Data Analytics and Insights team’s mandate is to help our customers unlock value from their community data by delivering timely,  accurate, and actionable insights that will advance their organizational goals. We also want to enable everyone at Bevy to make good decisions  by delivering timely, accurate, and actionable insights into their workflows. All while respecting the privacy of our users data and ensuring good  data governance practices are in place. 

You will be the Data Team’s first frontend engineer and will be responsible for building out complex data visualizations and business intelligence  reports around our clients' community and events data. Your building blocks will be a modern embedded BI SDK or data visualization library and  enriched data from our data warehouse via a REST API. As an experienced engineer, we expect that you will take on an informal role mentorship  role for less experienced engineers on the team and will proactively share your knowledge and experience. 


  • Work closely with stakeholders to research, develop, test, and ship features using React and/or Django that will make the Bevy platform  experience simpler and more delightful. 
  • Collaborate with Product, UX/UI, Customer Success teams to enable great client community event outcomes and set expectations  around feature delivery 
  • Collaborate with product engineering teams to improve the user experience of the Bevy platform, plan feature components, build new  integrations, design reporting & data analytics, automate provisioning client environments, and work to improve our tools & practices as  an engineering organization. 
  • Research potential new technologies to support new features in the product roadmap 
  • Fix defects within the product - we allocate approximately 20% of our time to tech debt and defects. 
  • Code review - we’re moving quickly and can’t always arrive at the best solution on our own. 
  • Writing everything down - Bevy’s engineering team is 100% remote, and we need to make sure our teammates are set up for success.  Software engineering is a complex field with a flood of ideas at every turn. It’s often hard to keep track of it all if we don’t write it down. 
  • Provide input into the technical direction of the product 
  • Mentor fellow engineers and help them improve their skills 
  • Design, implement, and test single-page web applications to support Bevy’s core platform for events, payments, user-generated content  management, communication, and other features 

What we’re looking for:

  • You have ~5+ years of professional experience as a software engineer. 
  • You are a senior level Javascript engineer who has created single-page web applications for production quality user-facing products  using React, Next.js, Vue, Angular or similar tools. 
  • Experience building and using design systems or other UI libraries such as Material UI, IBM Carbon, Twitter Bootstrap, or Foundation 
  • Experience manipulating data from REST APIs or GraphQL APIs for general data presentation or data visualization with D3, Victory.js,  HighCharts, Vega-Lite, Plotly.js, or similar tools. 
  • Experience with cloud computing platforms such as AWS, GCP, and Azure (GCP preferred) 
  • You thrive in a work environment that values collaboration, mentorship, and learning. 
  • You’re a creative problem solver that loves to evaluate and understand tradeoffs inherent in different system architectures. Such as  balancing reliability with implementation time. 
  • Have a focus on delivering customer value that is simple for users even if the problem is complex. You think in terms of solving  problems, developing systems, and delivery; not in terms of writing code. Sometimes, the best solution might not involve writing code at  all.
  • You are an excellent verbal and written communicator. You can articulate complex ideas efficiently and effectively, making sure  everybody understands what’s happening, when, and by whom. You like to write things down in organized public places like confluence,  but are also happy to jump on video call. You proactively communicate as much as possible and speak up. 
  • You can communicate well to a variety of technical and non-technical audiences. When new features are released you will be  responsible for clearly describing the solution to fellow engineers and stakeholders. 
  • Learn and share knowledge with your team, and help introduce or continuously improve our development processes. You can work through ambiguous requirements and communicate direction to others with clarity.  
  • A data-driven mindset. You are strongly motivated by achieving measurable client success and verifying outcomes with metrics  analysis tied to OKRs/KPIs.  
  • Analyze production data to monitor feature use and iterate on improvements.   
  • You are a strong self-advocate with strong emotional intelligence 
  • Bevy is a community company first, so you should place great value and are an active participant in communities.  

Nice to Haves:  

  • Working at a startup 
  • You have recent experience as a full-stack software engineer. 
  • Backend Experience 
  • Experience implementing REST APIs or GraphQL APIs in Python with Django, Django Rest Framework, Flask, Starlette, or  FastAPI 
  • 3rd party Integrations Experience 
  • Experience integrating 3rd party API services like Twilio (Segment), OpenTok, Vonage, StreamChat, or Stripe 

We welcome candidates from traditionally underrepresented groups to apply. We are proud to foster a workplace free from discrimination. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better product for our users and the communities we serve.

Although we are a remote company, we try to minimize the time zone spread within our teams. Our daylight working hours are within the North and South America's timezone. 

Our Team 

We are a small but powerful team, dedicated to achieving our mission to bring more community to the world. Many of us have worked in community positions before and understand the struggles and peaks that come with the role. Our team communicates candidly, giving feedback early and often. We set ambitious goals, and do what it takes to achieve them, while making sure that we take care of our own personal health and mental wellbeing. We will want you to be ready to take on a lot of responsibility with guidance and mentorship along the way.

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