Site Ops Manager


Amsterdam, NL
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Operations
  • Post Date: 04/21/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: The River Building - Level 1 Cannon Bridge House, 1 Cousin Lane, London, , London, England, WC1E 7HJ

About Deliveroo

Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way the world thinks about food delivery. It’s not a chicken chow mein and a night on the sofa anymore, it’s your favourite local restaurant, it’s a dinner party, a date.

Job Description

To be fully responsible for the overall running of the premises, including the management of the team, monitoring of the operation, financial accountability and all business administration as required, as well as maintaining high quality and consistency of all kitchens, menus and products

Key responsibilities
- Leading a successful and profitable business with a positive working environment, and taking ultimate responsibility for
all aspects of achieving this
- Overseeing the smooth running of all kitchen operations, including preparation, production and delivery of all menu items
- Leading the team to work in a safe and hygienic environment, ensuring that Food Safety / Health & Safety controls and
procedures are followed consistently to an excellent standard
- Completing all required business administration to ensure the smooth running of the site and the completion of reporting
- Monitoring the training & development of all kitchen teams to the correct standards in order that they can perform all
required duties in line with their job roles
- Monitoring the workload & productivity of all teams whilst promoting an environment that encourages excellent teamwork
- Taking responsibility for all company policies & legal requirements whilst on duty, including overseeing the completion of
checklists and monitoring as required
- Following reasonable instruction from the Operations Manager and carrying out miscellaneous duties as required
Additional responsibilities
- Supervising all kitchen teams to ensure they’re working in an effective and productive fashion at all times
- Monitoring the training, coaching and developing of all kitchen teams to achieve the required company standards
- To act as a mentor to all kitchen teams, leading by example at all times by demonstrating the highest possible standards
of work and attitude
- Supporting all team members by providing a positive working environment and consistently encouraging team work
- To finalise and process a weekly rota for all kitchen teams in line with budgetary requirements and staffing needs, and to
monitor the completion of the rota throughout the week
- Communicating with Kitchen Leads to ensure that all rotas, shift patterns and breaks are being adhered to
- Ensuring sufficient recruitment of kitchen team members including the screening, interviewing and selection of potential
candidates; to complete job offers for any successful candidates
- To regularly liaise with Kitchen Leads about staffing requirements and recruitment needs; to ensure all Eligibility of
Employment checks are completed in line with company procedures
- Keeping all required documentation for all team members in proper personnel files according to company policy; ensure
all employee records are maintained and kept up-to-date
- Overseeing the training of all team members to the correct standards, ensuring that all training is conducted in a thorough
and engaging manner
- Regularly communicating with Kitchen Leads about the performance of new team members and completing final sign off
by ensuring a correct standard has been achieved as per company procedures
- To monitor the successful completion of probationary periods
- Ensuring the completion of regular reviews for all team members in line with company procedures
- Complete regular reviews for Kitchen Leads and provide on-the-job coaching to ensure they consistently achieve the
correct standards
- Actively encourage the ongoing development of team members, helping to maintain a low level of team turnover by
supporting them to continually learn new skills and progress with the company
- Taking responsibility for communication with the whole team to ensure that they’re up-to-date with all required
information; ensuring that regular briefings are conducted on a daily basis
- Being responsible for the communication with suppliers, ensuring that all orders are processed efficiently and without
incident; following up on any problems to ensure that they are remedied as swiftly as possible
- Communicating to the wider team regarding credit notes, replacement products and out of stock items from suppliers
- To oversee and maintain effective control of food stock levels and profit margins
- Monitoring the usage of recipes and specifications to ensure that they are followed that training and processes are in
place to reduce wastage and maintain correct portion controls
- To communicate with Kitchen Leads about agreed par levels and ensure that regular orders to ensure sufficient supply of
all products
- To monitor the finished dishes leaving the kitchen to ensure that they are to specification
- To monitor records of wastage to ensure they are kept within agreed levels
- To complete a weekly stock take of all food and non-food items and communicate the results to Kitchen Leads
- To thoroughly investigate any significant variances and corrective measures are implemented
- To ensure all deliveries are properly processed, including being checked, stored and recorded in line with the required
standards; following company goods-in procedure
- To monitor the completion of cleaning rotas and adhoc cleaning duties, directing the team as required
- To regularly monitor the cleanliness of all areas of the kitchen and ensure that the environment is kept hygienic, safe and
tidy at all times; to monitor the completion of opening and closing duties and ensure these are to standard
- To be responsible for the standards of Food Safety and Health and Safety in the kitchen, including the implementation of
and adherence to all procedures and controls
- To ensure the correct safety training of all team members is completed at all times, and to regularly monitor team
standards to ensure that they are working in a safe manner in line with procedures
- To monitor the completion of all safety-related paperwork, checks and records and ensure regular monitoring of all
- To participate in regular safety audits and put into action any recommendations or feedback received within the
required timelines; to liaise with the EHO during visits
- To ensure the upkeep and regular maintenance of the premises and all equipment
- To ensure that regular maintenance schedules are implemented and carried out, and that any reactive maintenance is
undertaken as needed and in line with budgetary requirements; to keep a track of all expenditure
- Maintaining security of the premises by ensuring that proper procedures are in place and followed, and that all team
members understand their responsibilities
- Performing key holder duties in line with company procedures; regularly reviewing CCTV footage and other monitoring to
ensure security is maintained; processing any visitors to site
- Ensure a sufficient supply of chemicals, consumables, packaging and smallwares by keeping a track of usage and placing
regular orders as required within budgetary requirements
- To complete any duties assigned to you by the Operations Manager on a shift basis

Personal qualities & attributes
- Excellent communication skills including a willingness to listen and learn and the ability to provide instructions for others
- Friendly, professional persona with an approachable and calm demeanour
- Positive attitude to work and always inspires team work
- Excellent leadership ability, providing consistent inspiration to others
- A mentor and coach, able to get the best out of other people
- Self-motivated and able to motivate others
- Reliable and trustworthy
- Clean & well-presented appearance
- Flexible and committed
- Motivated to do a good job with excellent standards of work

We operate a career path designed to help you progress as part of our team. As you progress, it is expected for you to take on the additional
responsibility whilst also undertaking duties from the previous roles on the career path as needed. The above are also key tasks & requirements
for the role but this is not an exhaustive list and may change from time to time in line with business needs.

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