Associate Product Manager (APM)


Giza, EG
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Prod Mgmt/Dev
  • Post Date: 05/05/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: , San Francisco, California

About Instabug

With best-in-class bug and feedback reporting, secure crash reporting, intuitive in-app surveys, and powerful infrastructure that supports over two billion devices and counting, Instabug is the most intuitive way of collecting Real-Time Contextual Insights throughout the entire mobile app life-cycle, empowering you to accelerate your workflow and release with confidence.

We Help Mobile Teams with:
80% less negative reviews
650% more user feedback
30% less time in managing and logging bugs

Job Description

Autonomously deliver medium-sized products, collaborate with the larger organization to understand how their product area can evolve in the future.


  • Analyze current customer behavior to understand backlog-feeding trends and insights
  • Maintain product backlog to ensure we have the right set of updated priorities

  • Manage projects that involve development resources, and display a consistent ability to launch small-to-medium-sized projects

  • Communicate with customers to gather feedback & sentiment

  • Use insights from customers, stakeholders, and analyses to contribute to product roadmap with high-priority initiatives



  • Technical: Understands the order with which systems function and transfer data

  • Technical: Working understanding of engineering teams’ structure and development cycle

  • Data-driven: Applies advanced business metrics to research, and understands basic technical KPI’s

  • Data-driven: Can perform comprehensive customer analysis to reach deep insights

  • Detail-oriented: Able to holistically define requirements for one or more complex features without overlooking essential scenarios

  • Strategic: Provokes thought by raising questions about the customer/product whose answers are not obvious, and supporting their hypotheses with data

  • Versatile: Consistently shows a capacity for learning new micro-skills (e.g. small tools, other teams’ processes)

  • Results-oriented: Is able to deliver several large portfolio-defining products

  • Results-oriented: Demonstrates efficiency and executional skill

  • Credible: Seen as an authority on several topics

  • Credible: Is able to clearly explain business and technical concepts

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