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Lehi, UT, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Sales
  • Post Date: 05/07/2021
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  • Company Address: 2600 N. Ashton Blvd., Lehi, UT, 84043

About Solutionreach

Developer of patient relationship management software designed to improve patient engagement and education.

Job Description


When it comes to something as important as a career decision, you need a realistic picture of the job you are applying for. Traditional job descriptions just don't cut it. Solutionreach gets that. 


We'll send you a copy of the official job description during the interview process. For now, here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the role.




What is a day in the life of an Upsell Specialist?

As an Upsell Specialist, you will work with current Solutionreach customers to provide expertise on what additional products they should add to their platform. You will set and run your own demos, identifying where our add-on products can be of most help to the practice. This is a quota-bearing position based on the products you sell.


What will I need to thrive in this role?

  • You’ll hit the ground running if you have at least 1 year of experience in Sales and/or Customer Service. 
  • You’ll be unstoppable if healthcare is in your DNA and you can speak the language of our customers in the medical and healthcare space. 
  • You understand how our solutions can meet the unique needs of each customer, and you can sell them on it. 
  • You don’t give up easily, you are ambitious, have a positive mindset and are naturally good with people. 


What does high performance look like?

  • Our Solutionreach customers trust that you understand their business and you’re personally invested in their success. 
  • You crush your demos and have a high close rate. You are the exact opposite of the weak link on the team. 
  • You help others on your team be successful. 
  • You are always willing to pitch in when needed, and you roll with the punches.


What is my potential for career growth?

It's completely up to you and how hard you go after it. The Upsell Specialists who stand out and advance quickly are those who go above and beyond. They don’t miss an opportunity to help others around them. They are team-focused, not solo players. Literally no job is beneath them. They understand that they have a direct hand in pushing the company's goals forward. They don’t expect others around them to adjust to their needs, but they take it upon themselves to make the changes they want to see. 


What is the team like?

You will work with a team of eight other Upsell Specialists. We believe in Team Members First. We strive to have fun and set a collaborative team environment. We love to recognize our team members in a meaningful way such as doing monthly competitions and giving out spiffs.  We have each others’ backs. We communicate clearly. Unpopular opinions are welcome, and we continue to listen objectively before reacting. We encourage radical ideas and fearless evolution. Every day we aim to bring our best selves. Our team spirit animals are bad jokes and good food.


Sounds great. What's the catch?

Solutionreach changes and evolves all the time. It’s how we stay relevant and successful as a business. This means sometimes you have to switch gears midway through whatever it is you're working on. Sometimes you have to be okay with solving problems without knowing all the information, making mistakes, and learning from them. 


We have lofty goals to transform healthcare, and you impact that directly. You will want to work smart and do what it takes to get things done. We expect our team members to put in the necessary effort to be successful. That means cold calling and building your book of business on a daily basis. As we grow and evolve together, your manager or team may have to tell you things that are difficult to hear, and vice versa. You may be pushed outside of your comfort zone. That’s the name of the game with career advancement. 


You will work with people that you may not immediately click with or sometimes have trouble getting along with. That's okay. That's inclusion in its true form, and you never know what amazing value you'll get out of working with people who give you a different perspective. 


At the end of the day, your job satisfaction is nobody's choice but your own. If none of this is daunting to you, then let's talk!


Is this a permanently remote position?

You know it!


What is the interview process?

A 30-minute phone interview with Mark Dapper

A 30-minute final interview with Barry Christensen

Our goal is to identify a hire by February 5th, but we are also willing to invest in the time to find the right hire.


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