Customer Support Specialist


  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Technical/Customer Support
  • Post Date: 05/02/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: Foro Buonaparte, 22 , Milano (MI), Italy, Milan, IT

About Altilia

Founded in 2010 as spin-off of the Italian CNR, Altilia operates in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics.
Dynamic and fast growing, the company is based in the University of Calabria in Rende (CS, Italy) and employs a squad of more than 30 people, including researchers, full stack AI engineers, and business solutions analysts.

Job Description

Ideal candidates are either Middle or Senior AI & ML Engineer with Bachelor and/or Master in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

  • Work on the development, usage, maintaining, and monitoring of tools, solutions, and processes for collecting, processing, storing, and analyzing huge sets of data.
  • Collaborate with peers on solution design, work estimation and implementation of new features including interfaces, contracts with storage system, data transformation and handoff to client technical team.
  • Understanding the details (effort, risk, priority) of remaining work committed for a release..
  • Plan and execute an incremental and iterative software development process.
  • Perform peer code reviews as part of everyday workflow.
  • Analyze complex data from various sources to build next-generation Data Processing systems and applications considering computational and data quality aspects.
  • Integrate the data processing workflows into the production environment.
  • Maintain high standard of quality and adhere to best coding practices.
  • Work as a part of an Agile international remote teams to ensure smooth delivery.
  • Have customer facing experience or aspirations.

Skills and Experiences

  • Strong computer science fundamentals in data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming and MVC architecture.
  • Experience working with multi-cloud environments and tools (Azure, AWS, and GCP preferred).
  • Work on the infrastructure underlying all of Development systems. This includes tooling for the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Experience with Data Science centered Projects.
  • Experience in automating large-scale deployments.
  • Experience with programming languages such as Java, Python, and shell scripts.
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, DeepLearning4J, Keras, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Caffe, Theano, and Torch.
  • Strong interest in, and knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and its subfields.
  • Ability to collaborate with the R&D team to develop new algorithms that are not available in popular toolkits.
  • Proficient understanding of distributed computing principles.
  • Management of Hadoop cluster.
  • Ability to solve any ongoing issues with operating the cluster.
  • Proficiency with Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS.
  • Experience with building stream-processing systems, using solutions such as Storm or Spark-Streaming.
  • Good knowledge of Big Data querying tools, such as Pig, Hive, Hue.
  • Experience with TensorFlow, PyTorch, Gensim, DeepLearning4J, MXNet, Theano, Torch
  • Experience with Spark.
  • Experience with integration of data from multiple data sources.
  • Experience with NoSQL databases, such as HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB.
  • Knowledge of various ETL techniques and frameworks, such as Flume.
  • Experience with various messaging systems, such as Kafka or RabbitMQ.
  • Experience with Big Data ML toolkits, such as Mahout, SparkML, or H2O.
  • Experience with main Data Science notebooks and libraries like Jupiter, Anaconda, PySpark, and RStudio.
  • Good understanding of Lambda Architecture, along with its advantages and drawbacks.
  • Experience with Cloudera/MapR/Hortonworks.

Soft Skills

  • Strong verbal and written communication (in both Italian and English); position will involve some engagement with customers as well as internal R&D teams.
  • Strong organizational, multi-tasking and time management skills.
  • High-energy, detail-oriented, and proactive with the ability to work under pressure in an independent environment.
  • Strong ability to collaborate with a global development team.
  • Experience in working with international customers.
  • Understanding of business processes.

Nice to have

  • Experience with the following is a strong plus: Vault, Terraform, Packer, Ansible, Rancher, Cassandra, Kafka, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, systemd, Elasticsearch.
  • Experience with GoCD, Jenkins, or other CI/CD tools.

Altilia offers very competitive compensation packages with base salary above the average in this area including complete benefits.

Altilia is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It does not discriminate against any applicant for employment because of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, veteran status, or disability.

For immediate consideration, you are invited to share a confidential resume to Altilia HR.

All your information will be treated according to Italian privacy rules and EEO guidelines.

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Customer Support Specialist

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