Development/discovery scientists

Achelois Pharmaceuticals

Redwood City, CA, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Life Sciences R&D/Engineering
  • Post Date: 04/02/2021
  • Website: no URL
  • Company Address: 3698 Haven Avenue, Suite A, Redwoord City, CA, 94063

About Achelois Pharmaceuticals

Cancer causes terrible human pain and suffering and, ultimately, loss of life. Despite exponential increases in knowledge and investment since the declaration of war on cancer in 1970s, only a few drugs brought significant improvements in long-term survival for cancer patients. At Achelois, we reexamine prevailing fundamental assumptions of cancer drug development and aim to develop potent and nontoxic therapeutics that will ultimately enable effective, personalized treatment of cancer.

Job Description

We seek talented hands-on problem solvers to join Achelois BioPharma as development/discovery scientists at various ranks. You will join a small team of scientists to expand our platforms in immunology, oncology, and virology. You will be part of a team to push a robust drug pipeline of I/O and cell therapies for solid tumors and antiviral therapeutics into clinics. We will support you to explore the frontiers of immunology, oncology, and virology that are readily translatable. We will also help you expand beyond basic research into clinical development or management if you are capable and driven. We value your ability to identify problems, devise elegant solutions, and ultimately implement and closing the loops. It is up to you to define and expand your job descriptions and help Achelois make a tremendous impact on human health. 

Achelois BioPharma is based in Redwood City, CA, and is backed by private investors. We offer a competitive salary, equity, medical insurance coverage (health, vision, and dental). To apply, please email a one-page cover letter and your CV to jobs at Please specify the position you are seeking in your cover letter.


Ideal candidates should have a Ph.D. or M.D. in relevant biomedical, or bioengineering, or bioinformatics fields and love learning. We encourage recent Ph.D. graduates with demonstrated problem-solving skills and productivity to apply.

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This company does NOT accept candidates from outside recruiting firms. Agency contacts are not welcome.