Senior Data Scientist


London, GB
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Data Science
  • Post Date: 03/27/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 2 Coronation Place, Cambridge CB2 1JN, England, United Kingdom

About Wayve

Wayve is pioneering artificial intelligence software for self-driving cars. Our unique end-to-end machine learning approach learns to drive in new places more efficiently than competing technology. Our headquarters are in London, United Kingdom.

Job Description

Who are we?

Our team is the first in the world to use autonomous vehicles on public roads using end-to-end deep learning. Leveraging our multi-national world-class research team we’re focusing on using data to learn more intelligent algorithms to bring autonomy to everyone, everywhere. We aim to be the future of self-driving cars, not vehicles that are told how to drive through hand-coded rules and maps, but ones which learn from experience and data.

Outcomes you will drive:

    Drive the company to make more strategic decisions with regard to product direction, engineering investment and roadmaps, and model generation.
    Work with our leadership team and key stakeholders in the company to ask and answer business critical questions and execute in a cross-functional and cross-team manner.
    Be a key leader in bringing the discipline of data science to accelerate the deployment of autonomous vehicles.

Questions you’ll be responsible for answering:

    Are our Driving Intelligence models performing better? Are we getting better at improving our models?
    What can we measure in real-world testing? How do we ensure testing in simulation is a good proxy for real-world testing?
    Are we on track to meeting our goals? How do we prioritise resource allocation to unlock the most progress?
    Where is the highest impact for future engineering rigour and robustness and future applied research?
    How can we run more efficient/accurate/practical experiments with our vehicles on the road?

You should apply if:

    You have experience leading teams and/or business directions across a large scope and landing impact.
    You are an effective communicator and a structured organizer with a focus on experimental method.
    You have experience working with large datasets.
    You have experience designing, running and analysing experiments at scale.
    You have relevant domain experience e.g. robotics, deep learning or machine learning in production.
        Or can demonstrate the ability to learn fast and quickly become a market/industry leader.
    You can not only analyse the data currently available, but can also suggest new sources of data or leverage external sources and datasets to drive us forward.
    You have strong mathematical and statistical skills and analytical mindset.
    You have strong technical skills and at least 5+ years experience with any of:
        Python, SQL, Jupyter, Numpy/Pandas or similar
        Relational and NoSQL databases
        Note: we don’t expect you to be a professional software engineer, but do need the ability to work with data-engineers and write production-quality code to unblock yourself where necessary, and provide guidance for new features we need to build..
    You have the ability to design and implement new metrics and measures relevant to the problem-space.
    You consider yourself to have an optimistic and open-minded attitude towards solving a problem in the space-race of the 2020's (self-driving)!


    We offer competitive compensation with salary and equity
    Immersion in a team of world-class researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs
    A position to shape the future of autonomy and tackle the biggest challenge of our time
    We can help you relocate to London & we can sponsor visas. Once our offices re-open, this role will be London based.
    We offer flexible working hours and trust you to work enough hours to do your job well, at times that suit you and your team.


Wayve is built on people and their differences gives us strength. We are proud to be an equal opportunities workplace and encourage people from all walks of life to join our journey, growing and expanding with us. We don't just embrace diversity, we encourage it.

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