Senior Software Engineer


Morristown, NJ, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Post Date: 05/02/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 58 South Street, Morristown, NJ, 07960

About PerformLine

PerformLine is the leading SaaS platform delivering automated compliance solutions for enterprises looking to mitigate regulatory risk and ensure brand safety. Our platform empowers leaders with the intelligence, insights, and tools needed to mitigate risk across all consumer interaction channels including web, voice, chat email and social media.

Job Description


PerformLine is the leading RegTech company delivering automated compliance solutions for enterprises looking to mitigate regulatory risk and ensure brand safety. Our cloud-based platform empowers compliance functions with the intelligence, insights, and tools needed to mitigate risk across consumer interaction channels including web, voice, chat, email, and social. PerformLine provides our clients with significant time and costs savings by automating compliance activities across channels and departments

Come as you are. PerformLine is an equal opportunity workplace. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive and equitable experience for all.


Our mission is to empower compliance leaders with the technology and knowledge to ensure their organization and partners provide transparent and accurate information to consumers across any channel.

A Senior Software Engineer at PerformLine..

  • Seeks out constructive criticism of their work
  • Generates lift in the skills of those around them
  • Recognizes the value of boring code and the dangers of unnecessary complexity
  • Demonstrates good judgement and makes trade-offs explicit when making decisions
  • Is empathetic
  • Has good judgement and can collaborate with peers & stakeholders to deliver
  • Can write code, preferably in Python and/or Golang,


Our application is built using AWS and we utilize their offerings like S3, EC2, Lambdas. Our core systems are written in Python, Django, Golang. The frontend layer is based on JavaScript (Vanila and JQuery). For crunching jobs on the humongous amount of data we store, we use Postgres , ElasticSearch , Redis, and DynamoDB. 


Big Picture

  • You will build the systems that drive the business and enable our customers through the advancement of PerformLine's capabilities
  • You will be tasked with working with other software engineers and product managers to get products and features safely, securely, and quickly to our clients
  • You will help us continue to migrate from a monolith to a services model
  • You will be an example to more junior engineers for creating performant, secure, and efficient code

Within 3 months you'll

  • Have a sense of our code base and develop opinions about improvements in technologies and methodologies
  • Be able to work directly and independently with both legacy and new code bases
  • Have implemented (with the broader team) and shipped a new user-facing feature

Within 6 months you'll

  • Have started advocating for and implementing improvements while shipping new features
  • Have built a new service in Python 3 or Golang

Within 12 months you'll

  • Be the unequivocal expert on one or more aspects of our platform
  • Have contributed to several large product pushes
  • Have made significant progress on modernizing and improving our process and architecture


  • Metric driven and focused on continual improvement
  • Understands the role of working with Product within a technology organization
  • Comfortable interacting with business stakeholders and users to inform product roadmap priorities
  • Ability to balance business concerns with technical goals
  • Possesses intellectual humility
  • Comfortable working in an Agile, Scrum, or Kanban environment (because you've done so before)


  • 5+ years of experience writing code in Python Flask/Django, or Golang.
  • Understanding of the entire web development process, with an emphasis on back-end systems.
  • Hands on knowledge of API driven development.
  • Knowledge of SCM tools such as Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, etc
  • Bonus points for experience with DevOps, SysAdmin, HIPAA and/or PCI environments.

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