Senior Account Executive


  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Sales
  • Post Date: 03/23/2021
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  • Company Address: 1314 7th St. Floor 5, Santa Monica, CA, 90401

About GumGum

GumGum is an artificial intelligence company with deep expertise in computer vision and natural language processing. Its mission is to solve hard problems across media by teaching machines to see and understand the world. Since 2008, the company has applied its patented capabilities to serving media-related industries, including advertising and professional sports.

Job Description

Overview 概要



The Senior Account Executive role is responsible for prospecting and closing sales in GumGum’s Market Leading Advertising platform and turning leads into long-lasting partnerships. Reporting to the Head of Sales, Japan, this role is responsible for leading and developing key relationships in the region to drive real value for our clients through GumGum products. We require communicating directly with clients and prospects, understand their individual needs, and recommending products or services that maximize value. You will also assist the management team in developing sales strategies and establishing quotas.

The Senior Account Executives has extensive understanding of the digital advertising landscape and the advertising community and has 5+ years of digital media experience. Our Sales team is the beginning path for our advertisers to become GumGum customers. This team of adaptable and articulate communicators develop data-driven client proposals and are dedicated to driving the overall growth of our revenue. They make sure new customers are set up to succeed beyond their own expectations. 

Key Responsibilities 職務範囲

  • 新規ビジネスの獲得及び既存顧客ビジネスの成長による国内売上拡大への貢献。日本国内の広告主・広告会社を中心に担当。
  • マーケティングリードからのセールス促進。
  • 新規顧客に向けた積極的な提案活動(新規顧客との接点の創出、GumGumのプロダクトやサービスの紹介、潜在顧客に対するニーズ喚起、課題解決のためのソリューションの提案など)。
  • 既存顧客に向けた積極的な提案活動(既存顧客との継続的な接点の創出、キャンペーン実績に基く最適化提案、GumGumの新規プロダクトやサービスに関するアップデート、業界内外のトレンドを踏まえた提案など)。
  • 広告主や広告会社との良好な関係性の構築。中長期的なニーズを踏まえて最適な提案を行い、顧客体験の最適化に向けサービスの改善や問題解決をリード。
  • 社内コラボレーションの推進。アカウント・マネージャーとパートナーシップを組み、顧客のニーズや期待値を踏まえたサービスを提供。
  • 顧客ごとのセールス戦略や目標の策定、および実施・評価。
  • Drive Revenue - Responsible for a book of business and driving revenue and new business in Japan. This role is responsible for partnering with Japanese Advertisers Agencies to grow business across a variety of accounts.
  • Drive Sales from Marketing Channels - Identify and qualify opportunities from marketing driven leads. 
  • Sales Prospecting and Hunting - Expectation to generate a high volume of sales related activity including cold calling, presentations, RFP’s, and out of the box sales solutions. Presenting and demonstrating the value of products and services to prospective buyers. Following up with prospects several times throughout the sales cycle. Generating new leads, reaching out to prospects, and turning leads into clients.
  • Upsell current clients in current and new products - Provide market insight into the in-image and in-video display vertical and generate sales specifically from key brands and agencies, all while staying current on company offerings and industry trends.
  • Relationship Development - Cultivate relationships with brands, agency contacts and clients to gain deep insight into their business and ultimately provide GumGum solutions for their marketing and advertising goals. Leading to building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with external contacts and internal departments to create a better customer experience. Handling complaints and negotiations in a professional and timely manner. 
  • Internal Systems & Collaboration  - Work with Account Manager and other internal teams to ensure sold proposals are successfully implemented and aligned with client expectations. Also, maintaining an accurate database of contact information.
  • Strategic Sales - Support Head of Sales in developing, managing and executing strategic sales opportunities including compiling and analyzing data to find trends and developing sales strategies and setting quotas.

Candidate Profile 応募条件

  • 大学(広告・マーケティング専攻)もしくはこれに準ずる学校卒業者。
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, advertising or a related field.
  • デジタル広告やアドテク業界での法人営業経験が5年以上ある方。
  • 5+ years of sales experience in digital advertising; ad tech solutions experience a plus.
  • 年間数億円規模のビジネスやプロジェクトを担当した経験がある方。
  • Experience managing a large book of business (XM+)
  • 自らのイニシアティブにより営業目標を達成した実績がある方。
  • Must have strong selling experience and track record of hitting or exceeding sales targets demonstrated with a list of brand and agency contacts in addition to other assignments in the region
  • 日本国内の法人顧客を対象とした商談・セールススキルのある方。且つ広告主、広告会社、媒体社、DSP含むアドテク企業などに対するネットワークをお持ちの方。
  • Demonstrated success selling to brand advertisers and agencies in Japan. The ideal candidate will also have relationships with major agencies, advertisers, publishers, ad tech companies, and programmatic media trading desks in Japan is preferred.
  • デジタルメディア・広告の概念やビジネスモデルに関する知識や理解のある方。
  • Thorough understanding of digital advertising and business models.
  • 優れた対人コミュニケーションスキルやネットワーキングスキルをお持ちの方。
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and networking skills.
  • GumGumの理念(Thoughtful / Agility / Grit)を理解し体現できる方。
  • Ability to articulate GumGum’s value proposition and vision in a compelling fashion.
  • 書面・口頭・PPTなど形式を問わず、優れたプレゼンテーションスキルをお持ちの方。
  • Excellent written, oral, and PPT communication and presentation skills.
  • CRMツール(Salesforceなど)に関する知識・経験をお持ちの方。
  • Experience with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software such as, Salesforce is a plus.
  • 社内外のステークホルダーと建設的なプロセスを通してスピーディーに問題を解決できる方。
  • Quick at problem solving internally and externally while managing stakeholders through the process
  • ビジネスの概念に関する基本的理解をお持ちの方(P/L、営業損益計算書、売上原価、レベニューなど)。
  • Fundamental understanding of business drivers (P/L, Operating Statement, COGS, Revenue, etc.)
  • データを読み解いたり分析する力があり、様々な問題解決に活かすことができる方。
  • Applies analytical skills to interpret data and uses independent judgment and discretion in developing solutions to a variety of work problems
  • GumGumのプロダクトやサービスに対し強い関心や情熱が持てる方。
  • Looking for someone who is hungry and motivated and passionate about our product
  • 外交的で顧客とのリレーションシップを深めることが得意な方。
  • Outgoing and can build and maintain/grow client relationships at all levels (entertaining is required)
  • 受動的でなく、自発的・能動的に行動できる方。
  • Proactive not reactive in approach
  • 常に一定の危機意識を持って仕事に臨める方。
  • Sense of urgency in everything they do
  • 常に変化する要望やニーズに柔軟に対応することができる方。
  • Flexible and have the ability to adjust quickly to changing demands or strategies
  • 変化や革新にオープンで適応力のある方。
  • Is open and adapts to change and innovation
  • 戦略的且つクリエイティブな思考ができる方。
  • Creative and think outside the box and be strategic
  • GumGumおよび業界に関する知識を深める意欲のある方。
  • Continue to grow both GumGum and industry knowledge
  • モチベーションが高く自発的に動けるチームプレイヤーである方。
  • Must be a highly motivated team player

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