DevOps and Deployment Specialist


  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: IT
  • Post Date: 05/06/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 2711 Centerville Rd, 400, Wilmington, Delaware 19808, US

About Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat is a fast-growing enterprise communication and collaboration platform that is now installed on over 500k servers and counts over 12m users worldwide as well as having an active, passionate community of over 1k developer-contributors who help Rocket.Chat’s core team of developers to constantly improve the product. Rocket.Chat’s long-term vision is to replace email with a real-time federated communications platform and to establish a marketplace that will nurture app-building and offer services to enable businesses to be built using Rocket.Chat.

Job Description

Rocket.Chat  is looking for a configuration and deployment specialist with experience in modern DevOps workflows on CloudNative and multi-cloud environments.  Your familiarity with orchestrating clusters on Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Google Cloud and Azure will assist Rocket.Chat in improving adoption across all the available deployment options. 

You will work closely with a team of developer evangelists and community advocates, and a cross functional specialists team (product, technical,  sales & marketing)  to achieve our 2021 community growth objectives.

Background as a developer, experience in open source community and product led growth organizations are big pluses.


  • Own, maintain and improve the current deployment and distribution workflows supported by Rocket.Chat - including k8s,  Docker,  snap,   AWS marketplace,  DigitalOcean droplet,  and many more; working in conjunction with documentation, QA and marketing teams

  • Work closely with core development team on supporting new deployment and distribution possibilities;  this will include scaled microservices clusters that can service thousands of users, as well as optimized deployments for specific verticals such as omnichannel and virtual conferences

  • Engage data team in the collection of metrics across the deployment platforms, and maintain a ranking of adoption across all our supported platforms

  • Help to strategize accelerated adoption across the deployment options 

  • Establish network planning, operators and administrators training curriculum with the help of  Training and Certification Program Specialist and core development team

  • Speak and evangelize Rocket.Chat in attendance of DevOps industry events  - working with Events Planning and Management Specialist and our technical team

  • Assist community and team members in automating deployment and help them to understand the workflow 

  • Monitor latest DevOps and infrastructure trends, evaluate and adopt the best practices and tooling to increase community and core team awareness of technology advancements



  • Strong working experience with as many of the following technologies and cloud platforms:
    Kubernetes, docker, AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM Cloud, ORACLE Cloud, DigitalOcean, Alibaba Cloud, Naver cloud,  Ubuntu Snapcraft, Ansible,  Vagrant, Meteor Galaxy, Heroku, Univention, Puppet/Chef, Cloudron, ECS, EKS,  Cloud Formation, Terraform,  Molecular,  Prometheus/Grafana, Sandstorm, Windows Linux Subsystem 2, Raspbian on Raspberry Pi

  • Total familiarity with Linux and Windows command line environment

  • Scripting experience - bash, python, php, and so on

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate and document clearly deployment steps in complex clusters-of-servers environments

  • Keen interest in Kubernetes, ability to deploy micro services to Kubernetes clusters and set up monitoring, logging, and liveness checks

  • Fast learner - ability to quickly grasp difficult concepts in deployment and DevOps technologies 

  • Ability to listen to other’s needs and work with a diversity of possibly polarized individuals  

  • Ability to work independently and concurrently on multiple efforts

  • Exceptional communicator - both written and verbal;  in English and at least one other language



  • Experience with large open source communities

  • Interest in data-driven product led growth organization building and trends

  • Active participant in CNCF and other DevOps infrastructure communities

  • Previous experience as developer

  • Familiarity with Rocket.Chat’s ecosystem

  • Public speaking and digital media production skills



Wherever you are our goal is to make your routine as a Rocketeer feel enjoyable, exciting and comfortable, so if you are remote or working from our office in Porto Alegre (Brazil) you’ll receive a set of benefits to improve your work experience! 


About Rocket.Chat

Today one of the largest open source projects in the world with more than 1000 developers, Rocket.Chat has advanced as a platform that empowers people to collaborate with others, while empowering individual teams to fully customize their platform to meet their unique needs.

At Rocket.Chat we believe in collaborating to create a more collaborative world! See yourself in that? So apply now!

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