Sr. Software Engineer (Backend), Operations Platform


Mountain View, CA, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Accounting/Finance
  • Post Date: 02/07/2021
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  • Company Address: , Mountain View, CA

About Nuro

Our mission is to accelerate the benefits of robotics for everyday life

Job Description

Nuro’s mission is to accelerate the benefits of robotics for everyday life. We are an elite team of entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and scientists. We believe AI and robotics are at the cusp of transforming daily life and we are dedicated to building meaningful products with this technology. Join us and play a critical role in our mission.

About the role

We are building “mission control” for our fleet of delivery robots. Our products are used every day by our operations team across multiple cities to monitor, test, troubleshoot, and repair our bots. Our goal is to build an efficient, self-healing, and robust operations platform to power our delivery robots.

This is the perfect role if you love crafting amazing user experiences, building performant and reliable web applications, and launching products that your users love. The position demands technical excellence, customer empathy, and a knack for solving tough problems.

We use the best tools for the job. Our current frontend stack is React, Typescript, GraphQL, and our backend stack uses Go, MySQL, Kubernetes. However, we do not expect experience in these tools — just willingness to learn quickly!

About the work

  • You will work on scaling the backend infrastructure for the Operations Platform team. This includes everything designing interfaces between services, building monitoring and analytics infrastructure, optimizing our deployment pipeline, etc.
  • You will collaborate across multiple teams to ensure that we’re building the right infrastructure for all of Nuro.
  • You will architect and contribute to our backend technical infrastructure, enabling all backend engineers at Nuro to build reliable applications.
  • You will have constant interaction with our internal users to ensure that our products are delivering the best possible experience.

About you

  • Technical excellence.
    • You have 5+ years of building and scaling server-side applications. 
    • You know how to scale a microservice architecture. You know how to take advantage of the benefits of a microservice architecture while avoiding the pitfalls.
    • You know how to choose the right storage technology for the job. You have experience with a wide-range of databases, including relational (PostgreSQL, MySQL), non-relational (BigTable, Cassandra, Redis, etc), and data warehouses (Vertica, BigQuery).
    • You know your way around RPC frameworks (gRPC, Thrift), pubsub systems (Kafka, Cloud PubSub), streaming analytics (Flink, Beam). 
    • You have extensive experience working with cloud providers (GCP, AWS, etc).
    • Experience working with Docker & Kubernetes.
  • You have a wide-range of technical skills, you love learning new technologies and you’re a quick learner.
  • You have a passion for making lives easier for developers. You love working on tooling that will help engineers more easily troubleshoot, debug, and profile their applications.
  • You have the knack for making the right tradeoffs. You know when it makes sense to take the quick-and-dirty vs the scalable approach. You can move fluently between the two.
  • You care about users. You like to work closely with end users and iterate on the product with them. 
  • You are a great communicator, and you regularly chat with users, other engineers, and cross-functional stakeholders on product requirements and designs.
  • You are impact-driven. You care deeply that your work makes a significant impact on the lives of millions of people.

Bonus points

  • Shown ability to build, launch, and iterate quickly. You’ve experienced product development in all of its stages -- from writing requirements to scoping to launch to iteration. You are especially comfortable in the earlier stages of product development -- in getting from zero to one.
  • Technical leadership. You’ve played the role of technical lead (formally or informally) on several key projects. You take ownership, move the team forward, see around corners, and drive the team to deliver exceptional results.
  • Product and business savvy. You like being involved in the “why” in addition to the “how.” You’re eager to understand and contribute to product and business requirements. You can look at a list of potential projects and identify which ones might make a substantial impact (and which ones won’t).

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