Senior DevOps Engineer


Mumbai, IN / Maharashtra, IN
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: IT
  • Post Date: 02/18/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 440 N Wolfe Rd., Sunnyvale, CA, 94085

About CleverTap

CleverTap is the leading customer engagement and retention platform that helps brands maximize user lifetime value. Consumer brands around the world representing over 8,000 apps—including Vodafone, Star, Sony, Discovery, Fandango LATAM, Carousell, and Gojek—trust CleverTap to help them improve user engagement and retention thereby growing long term revenue.

Job Description

CleverTap offers an AI-powered customer engagement and retention platform that enables digital enterprises to improve user retention and conversion rates through behavioural insights, predictive segmentation, user experience optimization, and omni-channel campaign orchestration.


More than 8000 brands including some of the global brands such as Vodafone, Hotstar (Disney Group), Sony, Discovery, Meet Group, Carousell and GoJek use CleverTap to offer delightful, personalized experiences to their users.


CleverTap has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Amsterdam, Dubai and Mumbai. Our investors include Sequoia India, Tiger Global Management, Accel, and Recruit Holdings.



Maintain, manage and improve day-to-day operations that keep our platform secure and available


  • Execute standard operating procedures designed to ensure platform security and availability
  • Recommend and implement improvements towards standard operating procedures
  • Execute planned stories where the implementation is straightforward
  • Participate in platform architecture development discussions
  • Work with members from rest of the engineering team and customer success
  • Work with vendor support teams to solve issues


  • Experience or working knowledge of provisioning and managing infrastructure as code with CloudFormation or Terraform in production
  • Experience of being on call schedule to support production
  • Experience or working knowledge of packaging and deploying application with docker using ECS or Kubernetes 
  • Experience or working knowledge of automating and supporting build and deployment pipelines using Jenkins,  Bamboo or TeamCity
  • Experience or working knowledge of managing a monitoring system to monitor service health
  • Experience or working with HTTP web servers (Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Jetty etc)
  • An understanding of  least four of the following network concepts
    • How DNS works
    • TCP handshake
    • Filtering with IPtables
    • TCP states
    • Capturing and analysing TCP traffic
    • Routing, switching, subnets, VPN, NAT
  • Experience in one configuration management system (Puppet, Chef, Salt, or Ansible ). 
  • Experience or working knowledge of provisioning, maintaining and managing at least five of the following AWS resources
    • VPC, VPCGateways, InternetGateway, Subnets, Routes, SubnetRouteTableAssociation,  RouteTables, SecurityGroups, VPCPeering
    • AutoScaling Groups, LaunchConfigurations, ScalingPolicy and ScheduledAction
    • EC2::Instance, Volume,KeyPair, EIP
    • Batch::ComputeEnvironment, Batch::JobDefinition and Batch::JobQueue
    • CD using CodeDeploy
    • CI/CD using CodePipeline
    • IAM InstanceProfiles, IAM Policies, IAM Roles, IAM Users
    • S3 Bucket, BucketPolicy and objects
  • Experience or working knowledge of managing packages and package configuration on a GNU + Linux distribution 
    • installing packages
    • configuring services
    • managing service status
    • debugging service startup issues
    • debugging disk issues
    • navigating logs
  • An understanding of at least one init system
  • An understanding of HTTP headers
  • Can communicate effectively and articulate issues with other team members and vendor support personnel


Measure of Success 


·     Timely execution of assigned stories / task / bugs

·     Understanding of standard operating procedures

·     Ability to clearly communicate issues to interested parties

              Demonstrate continuous learning by successfully passing applicable certifications


Why join us?

  • You are a leader ready for your next challenge

  • You want to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment where your contribution matters

  • You are passionate about technology and its impact on the high growth mobile marketing space

What is working at CleverTap like?


  • Work, performance and results are real sources of happiness in addition to the fun of working with and celebrating success with an exceptionally talented team

  • Hierarchy is a myth, merit is lauded

  • Accountability and driving outcomes is the key to success

  • Your career here is limited by you and nothing else

  • Teamwork trumps individual success

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