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Pic Collage

Taipei, TW
  • Job Type: Intern
  • Function: Intern
  • Post Date: 01/01/2021
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  • Company Address: , San Francisco, CA

About Pic Collage

PicCollage is a top photo app for iOS, Android and Windows with over 200 million downloads. It lets you make collages with images, text, stickers, GIFs and videos, and share with friends and followers. We are building a community of millions of people who create, remix and share visual content in fun and novel ways. PicCollage brings photos and people together.

Job Description

We are looking for Company Operations Interns to take part in tasks related to run a fast-moving startup company. During your internship, you will work on several company operations tasks based on your interest and strengths, and take part in product testing to help us deliver the million-download app to the world.
在 PicCollage 的 Company Operations Intern 日常深入團隊核心,從了解我們的文化價值,放諸到你打理團隊的日理萬機的方法和心態。我們需要你從 日常團隊營運、內部活動籌辦、協助招募活動 等大小任務中,發揮你的行動力和問題解決能力,且樂觀地保持「從做中學」的心!


      • You will learn how to operate and grow a startup team, and improve the process and culture. 
      • You will work closely with our Operations Members, and your work scope and focus will be like this:
      • Office management: office supplies ordering & management, bookkeeping (petty cash management), sports class & team benefits execution
      • Organizing events: organizing team events, hosting meetups
      • Recruiting marketing : facebook fan page management, content creation, job platforms management
      • Attending regular product testing
一個新創團隊的背後該如何營運? 你會經常在規模化建立流程 vs 強化團隊文化價值和精神 中取得平衡。你將和其他成員們一起密切合作,打造一個信任、開放、創意的工作環境:
    • 辦公室的總務財務:管理辦公室用品 & 確保團隊行程進行順暢 (員工福利、運動課等)、記帳及管理零用金
    • 團隊活動和文化:籌辦團隊活動、內部分享活動
    • 公司推廣和行銷:社群網路平台管理、製作內容、參與招募活動
    • 參與日常產品測試


      • You just love solving problems! 
      • You learn fast, take initiative, and are not afraid to ask questions.
      • Creative thinking and analytical skills
      • Organized, efficient, observant, patient and committed.
      • Fair communication & writing skills in English. 
    • 喜歡解決問題!
    • 學習快速、主動性高、不害怕發問
    • 創意思考、分析技巧
    • 有條理、有效能、有觀察能力、有耐心、投入的
    • 尚佳的英文溝通與書寫能力
Please note we prefer interns who can work at least three days a week (during the academic year) for at least 6 months. If you believe you fit the bill above, and are eager to start a new journey of being part of a fun and creative startup team, hesitate no more and join us!
重要提醒:你一週至少需要和我們共事 3 天,並至少連續 6 個月。如果你相信自己是符合以上描述的,且渴望加入一個有趣和充滿創意的新創團隊,別再猶豫了!加入我們吧!

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