Optical Systems Engineer

Fathom Computing

Palo Alto, CA, US / Remote
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Hardware
  • Post Date: 12/26/2020
  • Website: www.fathomcomputing.com
  • Company Address: 380 Portage Ave, Palo Alto, CA, 94306

About Fathom Computing

Fathom Computing is building optics-based hardware to run artificial intelligence with unprecedented performance.

Job Description

Fathom Computing is developing high-performance machine learning computers built to run both training and inference workflows for large-scale neural networks.  As ML computing is largely limited by data transfer, Fathom’s approach combines the power of CMOS electronics with advantages of optical data movement for performance far beyond what electronics-only computers are capable of.
We’re seeking an experienced optical systems engineer to lead optical system design, test and procurement at Fathom. You will collaborate closely with colleagues from your own and other disciplines (mechanical,  electronics, and machine learning) to contribute to design and implementation of optoelectronic hardware.

Areas of contribution

    • Conceive, design, simulate, and specify optical devices and subsystems
    • Design, construction, alignment and characterization of prototypes of Fathom’s electro-optical system
    • Perform comprehensive optical system characterization
    • Manage internal and external optical designers
    • Work with external vendors to fabricate custom optical devices meeting specified requirements
    • Characterize optical device performance relative to design goals and broader system requirements
    • Interpret empirical data and reconcile with analytical and/or numerical simulations


    • Masters or Ph.D. (or equivalent experience) in physics, optics, or EE
    • 5-10+ years experience in optical systems engineering
    • Solid understanding of optical systems, optical communications, noise, and crosstalk
    • Deep knowledge and experience in free space optics, optical design, optical system assembly, alignment, and test
    • Knowledge of design for manufacturing
    • Experience in tolerance simulations and manufacturing


    • Think outside the box for a paradigm-breaking optical system
    • Experience with imaging systems, microscopes, telescopes, projector, tolerances
    • Lens design experience with tools like Zemax, Code V, LightTools, ASAP for imaging system design and analysis beneficial.

You'll do well here if....

    • You enjoy thoughtful discussions fueled by problem-solving and logic
    • You're comfortable both leading and contributing individually
    • You're excited about the future of ML hardware
    • You enjoy teaching and learning from an interdisciplinary team
We highly encourage submission of a cover letter, just tell us why you're here :)

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