Cloud Infrastructure Engineer (Python + Terraform)

Built Technologies

Nashville, TN, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Post Date: 05/03/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 624 Grassmere Park, Suite 16, Nashville, TN, 37211

About Built Technologies

Built Technologies was founded in 2014 out of firsthand frustration with the challenges and pitfalls often associated with construction lending and the belief that technology could transform the loan management process. Built’s collaborative software streamlines the collateral monitoring and draw management process – a process widely recognized as highly cumbersome, costly, and fraught with risk. By bringing the draw management process online, Built helps lenders reduce construction loan risk, increase loan profitability, transform the borrower experience, simplify compliance, and provide unprecedented portfolio insights.

Job Description

Built is a growth-stage company at the intersection of FinTech and PropTech. We are on a mission to change the way the world gets built with technology and services that streamline the $1.2T U.S. construction industry. We strive to empower lenders, owners, builders, and vendors with innovative software, payments products & services that enable participants to manage risk, maximize productivity / collaboration and ensure better cost management as capital flows into and throughout the construction industry. Founded in 2015, Built now serves more than 110 of the top financial institutions in the US and Canada, including 25+ of the top 100 US construction lenders. In 2019, we completed our Series B raise led by Goldman Sachs bringing our total funding to $55M. Bringing on the “best talent in the world” is at the forefront of our continued growth trajectory.
We believe in hiring professionals who aspire to solve complex problems in a complex industry through technology.  We value individuals who are ambitious, passionate, self-motivated and have the ability to create opportunities at every turn. As our Cloud Infrastructure Engineer (Python + Terraform), you will work to empower our developers by creating the tooling and infrastructure necessary to support our development pipeline as well as proactively mentoring the developers about what it means to create resilient, scalable solutions. Put simply, by empowering our developers you are empowering our business to succeed. Our goal is to automate everything ops related where possible, while realizing that not all tasks are automatable. As a result, there will be some amount of traditional operations until we get as close to automating those away as we can.
If you share in our passion for teamwork, our vision to change the way the world gets built, and our goal to lead the future in construction lending technology, we’d love to hear from you!

The ideal candidate will be someone who...

    • Enjoys designing or influencing system architecture
    • Understands what it means to be a resilient (HA + scalable) and responsive service
    • Is knowledgeable of modern configuration management practices
    • Enjoys working with developers to design the appropriate infrastructure and systems architecture to support the best-case business product
    • Doesn’t like after-hours support calls and will fix the underlying issue
    • Loves automation and wants to automate things with Python (or a similar language)
    • Enjoys leading the charge on building better tools to unlock developer efficiency
    • Understands network engineering and security best practices

...and will have worked with...

    • AWS Console, CLI, and Terraform ---> E.g. VPC, EC2, DynamoDB, RDS, Lambda, API Gateway, Cloudfront, etc.
    • Rundeck
    • Google Cloud Platform offerings, such as AppEngine
    • Jenkins and GoCD
    • Docker + ECS
    • MySQL (in a high-availability context)
    • Python scripting for automation (heavy boto3 usage)
    • Monitoring/data collection tools such as New Relic, Sentry, Intercom, etc.
    • ...and many others!

...and will also...

    • Be a good communicator
    • Write good documentation
    • Maintain a strong focus on customers, both internal and external
    • Believe that collaboration is the best way to achieve success
    • Be dedicated to quality and ownership of your work product
    • Be a tenacious and creative problem solver
The rare opportunity to change the world and radically disrupt an industry
Competitive benefits including Unmetered Vacation; Health, Dental & Vision Insurance; and 401k
Flexible Hours
Weekly Team Lunches
Kitchen loaded with all the essentials to keep you productive

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