Web Development Internship/Co-op - Spring/Summer 2021

Vecna Robotics

Waltham, MA, US
  • Job Type: Intern
  • Function: Intern
  • Post Date: 01/12/2021
  • Website: vecnarobotics.com
  • Company Address: , Waltham, MA

About Vecna Robotics

A robotics company that believes the future belongs to those who empower humans. Humans and Robots are better together.

Job Description

Vecna Robotics seeks a fulltime intern or co-op to work on the Enterprise Software team. The Enterprise team provides tools for monitoring and interacting with all aspects of our system, including web applications for site deployment and robot support, integrations with client work-management systems, aggregating and displaying system metrics, and end-user tablet UIs. In this role you will complete an independent project that adds real features or capabilities to these tools. 
In this role you will: 
  • Be responsible for design, implementation, and testing of an independent project, with guidance and feedback from your supervisor. 
  • Ensure your designaddress the real concerns of production software (maintainability, performance, monitoring, security, etc). 
  • Produce high-quality code that is well-structured, readable, documented, etc. 
  • Complete automated and/or manual testing that thoroughly validates your implementation. 
  • Produce work that will be used in a real production environment! 
What we are looking for: 

  • A graduate student, rising senior, or rising junior studying computer science, web development, or a related discipline. 
  • Someone who is thoughtful, has excellent communication skills, enjoys learning and getting feedback, is comfortable working independently, and is excited to take ownership of a project.  
  • Knowledge of common software design principles, patterns, and anti-patterns (DRY, modularitypolymorphism, data structures, premature optimization, etc).
  • Significant experience with at least one core object-oriented language: Python, Java, or JavaScript. 
  • Experience with frontend and backend web technology (JavaScript, AJAX, HTTP requests, websockets, web server code, etc). 
  • Preferred:  
    • Experience contributing to a large, structured, shared codebase 
    • Experience with Linux and git 
    • Experience with any of the following specific technologies is a bonus: 
      • AWS, Tableau 
      • Robotic or IoT platforms 
      • UX Design, HTML, Handlebars (or other HTML templating libraries), CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Backbone (or other JavaScript MV* frameworks) 
      • Webservice frameworks (such as Apache CXF or Express), servers (such as Tomcat), Spring 
      • PostgreSQL (or other relational databases), MongoDB 
      • Bash or Python scripting 
About Vecna Robotics: 

Vecna Robotics is an exciting engineering startup in the process of scaling its suite of autonomous, material handling robots for the warehouse and supply industry. Our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with workers for safe and flexible bulk transportation and fulfillment in a dynamic environment. As we become a leading producer of these collaborative warehouse robots, we seek candidates who thrive on developing creative solutions to daily challenges and can approach those challenges from the customer point of view. Our talented and hardworking team values self-discipline, leadership, innovation, and learning. 
We are an equal opportunity employer. We encourage and celebrate diversity. 

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