Senior Software Engineer (VoIP)


Bangaluru, IN
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Post Date: 06/03/2021
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About Qtalk

Developer of a smart dialer designed to make phone conversations fun and stress-free. The company's dialer lets users watch videos, read articles, play in-call games and shop together with friends on a call without sharing links back and forth, enabling users to keep their conversations private.

Job Description

QTalk will bring state of the art data calling to millions of Indians in the coming years.

This is an oppurtunity to lay down the foundation of our Voice and Video calling infrastructure from the ground up.

In this role you will architect, evolve and maintain an infrastructure capable of streaming and indexing audio, video and other time-based media across consumer Android, iOS, and web devices.

As a team, we like to work with people who are extremely and visibly passionate about their chosen field and make it a priority to keep up with the latest developments in it.

📋 Responsibilities:

- Implement scalable, high-performance audio and video streaming.
- Smooth transition of users from current calling infrastructure to new one.
- Develop integrations with 3rd party services for Billing, Quality monitoring, Issue Resolution, etc.
- Work with Android/iOS teams to build stable SDKs to consume live streams.

🎓 Qualifications:

- 4+ years of professional software engineering experience.
- Experience and WebRTC
- Familiarity with WebAssembly, SIP, H.323, Asterisk, and other VoIP technologies.
- Strong understanding of network communication via TCP and UDP and the ability to optimize for low latency.
- Knowledge of OPUS and other latest audio codecs.

❄ Your interview process will test:

- Experience: Discussion of your previous experience in building a similar stack.
- Understanding: Explaining how every stage of the VoIP stack works to a lay man.
- Fundamentals: Suggesting different choice architectures for different hypothetical end needs.
- Depth: Estimating the cost and suggesting potential avenues for cost optimization.

🚀 Why Us:

- Game changing product (
- Beautiful office (
- Awesome startup culture.

Once hired, your KPIs will be a function of the user reported metrics for Call Quality and experience.

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