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Palo Alto, CA, US / Pittsburgh, PA, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: IT
  • Post Date: 06/22/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 3710 Forbes Ave Third Floor, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

About ForAllSecure

ForAllSecure is building autonomous cybersecurity tools for developers, enterprise IT, and end-users that automatically find and fix vulnerabilities in run-time executable software pre-production and when deployed.

Job Description

At ForAllSecure you will join a talented, ambitious engineering team that is creating truly novel technologies and products that will impact the way people see themselves and the world. We are seeking experienced software engineers to lead our engineering experience efforts and help us scale our software team. 


Who we are 

To address the scale needed by the rapid pace of software growth, companies need security tools that are automated and don’t require lengthy manual analysis to sift out false positives. Our focus at ForAllSecure is to build the next-generation of security products that change how companies develop, test and deploy software.


Our tool Mayhem, a fully autonomous cybersecurity system, was built utilizing over 12 years of research out of Carnegie Mellon and developed by a team of some of the best hackers in the world. In 2016, DARPA hosted the Cyber Grand Challenge, the world’s first all-machine hacking tournament, in which Mayhem competed and took first place against industry and best challengers from academia. Since then, we have been bringing this product to market. The Mayhem solution makes software validation testing radically simpler with a powerful combination of intelligent fuzzing, symbolic execution, and checking of static security indicators. 


Currently Mayhem has found vulnerabilities in several open source projects, components in production aircraft, and critical flaws in embedded devices. This is only the beginning as we plan to have Mayhem bring automation, usability and scalability to today’s software security problem.


What you'll do 


  • Design, build and maintain our product offerings for our Cloud customers
  • Install, configure and manage the end-to-end CI/CD pipeline and help the other teams deliver and turn around features as fast as possible
  • Design, build and maintain all aspects of a stellar SaaS product experience, including alerting, SLA monitoring, error budgets and seamless upgrades
  • Optimize and push the limits on deployment speed and releases using CI/CD

What’s in it for you

  • You will join a growing team of strong developers and cybersecurity experts where your work will have direct impact for the company and our customers
  • You will own the whole process of deploying state-of-the-art cybersecurity products to our entire customer base
  • You will have the opportunity to learn more about cybersecurity and the experience of deploying an enterprise product in that space
  • You will get to help us define success for our products using metrics, alerts and monitoring
  • You will get the opportunity to keep your skills updated as we work with the best and modern technologies
  • You will help us solve complex and interesting technical challenges
  • It’s not your tenure but what you can bring to the table that defines your career growth
  • You will help democratize the technology that won the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge to make the world's software safer


What you will bring

  • Experience designing, implementing and operating fault-tolerant distributed systems on the Cloud, including:
    • Experience with monitoring and alerting (creation and response)
    • Experience with configuration management
    • Ability to troubleshoot issues across the software, application and network stack
  • A love for automation
  • A deep care for quality and reliability
  • A yearning for impact
  • Empathy towards our customers, and towards colleagues
  • Good communication skills


What background are we looking for


  • Proficiency with the AWS or GCP ecosystem
  • Proficiency with automatic infrastructure deployment tools like Terraform
  • Proficiency with Linux internals
  • Strong experience in devops environments, setting up key alerts and monitoring and responding to such alerts. Experience developing alerts with tools like Prometheus and AlertManager is a huge plus
  • Experience working as a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) is a huge plus
  • Many years experience with automating systems and environment deployments using tools such as Jenkins, Git, Chef, and Ansible
  • Experience with using APIs and exposing functionalities of a given system
  • Experience designing, implementing and operating reliable distributed systems on the Cloud
  • Strong programming experience, preferably with 3+ years experience in Python/Golang/Java
  • Experience with containers and orchestration (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes). Good understanding of container technology is an additional plus
  • Experience with relational databases like MySQL or Postgres is a huge plus
  • Committed to high quality code and best practices
  • Strong written, verbal and presentation skills are important in our dynamic environment
What qualities are we looking for

  • Technical Skills: Love for technology. You have to be inherently passionate about technology
  • Drive: Self-motivated engineer with intellectual curiosity and a strong go-getter attitude. Passion and energy to implement quality technical solutions.
  • Communication: Ability to clearly articulate problems, solutions, risks, rewards etc. (written and verbal)
  • Mentorship: Eager to teach junior developers about best practices, CI/CD, and modern software development
  • Analytical: Able to see gaps and areas of improvement in process, as well as technologies, providing recommendations and taking the initiative to fix issues, are qualities we love to see in our teams

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