Senior Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering QA
  • Post Date: 01/14/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 3053 Fillmore St #279, San Francisco, CA, 94123

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Job Description

As a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer you play a vital role in safeguarding the quality of feature releases and updates for our product. You are dedicated and excel in a face-paced cross-functional Squad environment and you thrive in the mindset of curiosity, asking purposeful questions that help drive innovation while inspiring the wider R&D department to build products that are of flawless quality and an embodiment of our Best-Self Philosophy.
You possess a deep understanding of Quality Assurance methodologies and because of this you are an authority in the R&D Department. You are comfortable owning projects and are renowned for being reliable and accountable and you work to meet or exceed Quality Assurance release deadlines.
- Quality Assurance


    • Investigate product quality to make improvements to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction
    • Analyze and understand the requirements provided by a customer and conduct relevant domain work where necessary
    • Perform deep testing of current squad tasks using necessary testing times (across all testing levels) to ensure the product meets the desired requirements and quality
    • Maintain consistent functionality work to ensure all possible improvements have been completed
    • Actively assist other R&D Squads with QA requirements if and when needed
    • Efficiently and effectively source, test, and close deployed tasks
    • Provide recurring regression before planned production deployments or in case of unplanned production deployments
    • Understand and accurately follow all Pre and Post Deployment activities 
    • Follow explicit guidelines to accurately report on defects in detail 
    • Demonstrate a user-oriented perspective by striving to continually improve the product
    • Manage and maintain testing documentation via TestRail 
    • Accurately estimate and evaluate the effort required to complete the task efficiently
    • Actively contribute to test planning, designing, and estimation


    • 4+ years experience in Quality Assurance Testing
    • Deep understanding of the SDLC and software methodologies
    • Proficiency in writing clear, concise and comprehensive test plans and test cases
    • Sound understanding of all test types, test designs, test levels + test methods and techniques
    • Solid knowledge of SQL and scripting and the ability to query and manipulate data
    • Demonstrate understanding of one or more programming languages plus a strong working knowledge of Java and Python scripting languages
    • Demonstrated experience with Web, mobile, and API testing
    • Sound understanding of test management, risks, test strategy and documentation
    • Possess exceptional troubleshooting skills 
    • Experience with estimation techniques
    • Experience working in an Agile/Scrum development process
    • Demonstrated an ability to meet deadlines 
    • Demonstrated passion for research, analysis and data driven outcomes
    • Posses a User-oriented perspective
    • Able to constantly question the quality of the product; ask meaningful questions that will uncover more information and help perform testing effectively
    • Able to understand a product or feature realization and architecture to pinpoint the root cause of an issue
    • Value elegant simplicity, beautiful aesthetic, attention to detail, and human-centric design
    • Able to collaborate well with key cross-discipline stakeholders
    • Have a strong reputation for accountability and reliability
    • Be comfortable owning projects
    • Passionate about being extraordinary in both your work life and personal life
    • Ability to communicate in a clear and succinct manner 
    • Effectively evaluate information / data to make decisions
    • Able to effectively collaborate remotely with colleagues across multiple time zones


      • Dedicated and excel in a face-paced cross-functional Squad environment
      • Thrive in the mindset of curiosity
      • Renowned for being reliable and accountable
      • Effectively articulate ideas and strategy
      • Able to easily switch between strategic and tactical thinking
      • Comfortable in a fluid environment with a high tolerance for ambiguity and change
      • Growth-minded and open to coaching and mentorship


    • Complete 15Five’s new-hire onboarding and training for your role, learning about all aspects of our business and how your role supports all departments and the achievement of company goals
    • Comfortably participate in the Quality Assurance departments test development process 
    • Understand Department procedures, particularly within the squad/s
    • Able to find answers independently and know whom to ask for help when necessary
    • Understand the knowledge domain within the squad/s
    • Develop an understanding of what our users want and need


    • Possess a deep understanding of how our product and features work
    • Assume management of QA Testing in your Squad/s with historical perspective and a grasp of future direction 
    • Familiar with Quality Assurance standards, guidelines, and best practices and be able to speak to these standards, guidelines, and best practices fluently 
    • Meaningful participation in end-to-end automation
    • Deep understanding of what our users want and need


    • Expert in how our product and features work
    • Master understanding of process, product, architecture
    • Confidently influence and guide the Engineering team
    • Serve as a mentor to other colleagues
    • Drive and collaborate on the end-to-end automation
    • Sound understanding of what our users want and need


    • Monday: Start the day with some deep work time and review of your priorities before joining a Squad gathering, get some more deep work done and attend the all-hands Boost to hear company updates and meet new hires. Provide regression testing.
    • Tuesday: Provide smoke testing after deployment. Meet with key stakeholders to discuss implementation of a new feature, attend a Squad Huddle and a Squad Sprint Planning meeting. 
    • Wednesday: Have a 1:1 with your Manager. Meet with the QA department for a knowledge sharing session before heading into deep work and another Squad Huddle. Attend the all-hands Boost to learn more about department initiatives or  micro-learnings. Provide regression testing.
    • Thursday: Provide smoke testing after deployment. Prioritize your deep work time effectively based on Squad needs. Attend a Squad Estimation meeting and a Squad Scope meeting.
    • Friday: Participate in a Squad Weekly Meeting and Developers Toolbox, before submitting your 15Five and participating in the Question Friday Boost.


    • Open to vulnerability, self-reflection, and candid feedback to grow personally and professionally
    • Curious and committed to innovation, continuous learning, and growth 
    • Self-motivated, self-responsible, and self-accountable
Applications will be collected between Monday, 19th October through to Friday, 30th October 2020. 15Five aims to begin interviewing for this role from Monday, November 2nd 2020 through to Monday, 30th November 2020.
15Five is a people and performance platform that instantly upgrades each and every manager. It works by combining employee engagement, continuous performance management, and manager effectiveness software with education, services, and community. At the heart of our approach is Best-Self Management, an evidence-inspired strategy for cultivating world-class managers and transforming organizations by unlocking every employee’s potential. With our holistic solution, CEOs, HR leaders, and managers create highly-engaged, high-performing organizations.  
We work with over 2,000 forward-thinking companies that use our solution to bring out the best in their people, including big brand names like Credit Karma, WP Engine, Adobe, and Fitbit. 15Five is backed by Next 47, Origin Ventures, Point Nine Capital, and Matrix Partners. Its headquarters are based in San Francisco, with offices in New York and Raleigh, NC. The company is working 100% remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.
We’re excited to continue building out a diverse team that prioritizes inclusivity and celebrates everyone’s unique identity. To support our people 15Five believes in non-gendered Parental Leave, Flexible Time Off, Sick Time Off, Flexible Work arrangements and extensive training and development including but not limited to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Best-Self Management, strengths discovery and alignment and Manager specific development opportunities.

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