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  • Post Date: 05/06/2021
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About Openhouse

Provider of a network of community learning centers intended to build a generation of students who are creative, compassionate and driven to chase their dreams. The company provides physical space where teachers and students, from all walks, congregate under the same roof to exchange skills, ideas and knowledge, thereby offering them a pathway to better learning opportunities towards better education.

Job Description

Humans always have, and will always continue to learn from one another. We are a social learning platform that allows us to learn the way we learn best - socially. Extra-acads is core to a holistic learning foundation, and integral part of school and college lives. It helps students not just hone soft-skills, but also become better thinkers, more focused, more creative, and happier. Openhouse clubs is an inclusive space where high-schoolers work and learn together to pursue extra-academic passions. 

We are an education startup re-imagining how India learns after school, and building social communities where students can explore and pursue hobbies, meet like-minded peers, learn and build stuff.

The Role 

We believe mentorship is important for students to shape their path and looking for enthusiastic college students who are keen to contribute to grow their hobby-space, partner to reinvent how this has been learnt and mentor students to grow! In short, we are looking for Yodas for our clubs. Do you have a strong connection with the force? Then join us to pass on what you have learned to the next in lines!

Note: This role is open to college students only.

Openhouse Dance Club 

Community of young, passionate and enthusiastic dancers who teach each other different choreographies and different styles. Through dance battles, learning sessions and weekly challenges, students perform, train and learn with each other. 


Activities running in the club: 

  • Weekly dance challenges: trivia, quizzes, video challenges to keep student members excited and engaged
  • Learning sessions : run by our panel of expert dance masters and choreographers 
  • Workshops : in specific genres, by trained professionals 
  • Gym sessions: student lead sessions to practice, rehearse and collaborate for dance challenges, competitions or just for fun!

If you’re someone with a passion for dance, know how to get things done and have prior experience of working in collaborative teams – we’re looking for you!


Community Mentor Role: 

  • Plan and execute sessions, workshops and classes such as the broad activities mentioned above, in collaboration with the Openhouse Team for student members (at least 2 sessions/ week for 60 minutes each)
  • Identify experts in dance to lead seasonal workshops 
  • Identify appropriate resources and readings for club members to be engaged
  • Ensure smooth facilitation of sessions and feedback collection, learnings etc.


What’s in it for you? 

  • Opportunity to work with a pioneering brand that promotes social learning 
  • Enhanced Skill development in facilitation, planning, execution, and people management through in workshop experiences and interaction with other team members 
  • Cross learning and network growth opportunities with a team of young, dynamic individuals from IITs, IIMs, Stanford, and Harvard 
  • Monetary compensation per session (as per industry standards) if pre-defined criteria are met

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