Senior FullStack Software Development Engineer - (Ottawa)

Ottawa, CA
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Post Date: 02/24/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 2307 Leghorn St, Mountain View, CA, 94043

About is the open source leader in AI and automatic machine learning with a mission to democratize AI for everyone. is transforming the use of AI to empower every company to be an AI company in financial services, insurance, healthcare, telco, retail, pharmaceuticals and marketing. is driving an open AI movement with H2O, which is used by more than 20,000 companies and hundreds of thousands of data scientists. H2O Driverless AI, an award winning and industry leading automatic machine learning platform for the enterprise, is helping data scientists across the world in every industry be more productive and deploy models in a faster, easier and cheaper way. partners with leading technology companies including NVIDIA, IBM, AWS, Intel, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake, and is proud of its growing global customer base which includes Capital One, Nationwide Insurance, PayPal, Kaiser Permanente, Telcel, and MarketAxess. is responding to COVID-19 challenges with its expertise and new AI Apps that help companies get results with AI. demonstrates its commitment for AI4Good by supporting wildlife conservation and providing AI for academics.

Job Description

We are looking for a highly skilled full stack web application engineer at a senior position who is comfortable with cloud native application development in Java, Angular.

Full Stack Engineers at H2O are typically responsible for developing and designing product - front and back end architecture.

The front end will also require you to work with designs from web designers. The engineering skills are directly focussed towards building products around specific machine learning solutions.

So you would be frequently working with data scientists who are building model-solutions for problems.

As a Senior Developer, you will develop best-in-class applied AI solutions while working with an energetic and innovative team.

In this role you will be responsible for developing RESTful services, implementing changes to the database and service models, creating new modules, and developing integrations with 3rd party platforms. 

The ideal candidate will be a full stack Web application development with experience in ( Java / SQL / GCP / Azure / Angular / TypeScript / HTML / CSS).

The developer should be willing and excited to contribute to discussions while taking the initiative to solve problems and get the job done while taking on new challenges.

You should thrive in team-oriented and fast-paced environments where each team-member is vital to the overall success of the product.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Develop, troubleshoot and maintain cloud native application code for existing programs on both the front-end (TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.) and the back-end (Java, Postgres, etc.) on cloud (GCP, Azure, AWS)

  • Design, develop and test new modules throughout their life cycle 

  • Collaborate with team in defining architecture; implement data contracts; identify and proactively advise on potential risks to success

  • Manage application dependencies

  • Work with Q/A team to develop and maintain regression and unit testing platform

  • Develop, test and maintain CI/CD pipeline

  • Maintain application infrastructure established using GCP, Azure and AWS

  • Follow coding conventions, policies and procedures provided

Qualifications and Skills

  • Cloud native application development experience in GCP, Azure and AWS

  • 3-5 years of core Java development experience, expert-level Java knowledge is a requirement.

  • Experience architecting and developing large scale design.

  • Experience building RESTful APIs with Spring Boot framework

  • Expert-level RDBMS experience with at least one of the following: MySQL, PostgreSQL.

  • Have experience creating other types of APIs, such as RPC.

  • Also add good understanding of JUnit, CI/CD principles and working with Git in a collaborative team environment.

  • Experience working on a team and group collaboration with code reviews and rapid, continuous integration.

  • Preferred experience with popular front-end JS frameworks (i.e. Angular, node.js), 

  • Preferred experience with Hibernate and JPA.

  • Understanding of docker and its use in general web application development workflow

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