Software Engineer


Auckland, NZ
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Post Date: 04/08/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 3 Glenside Crescent, Auckland, 1010

About Vital

Founded by a Physician and a proven tech entrepreneur, Vital exists to close communication gaps with patients and families and put them at the center of the care experience. Furthermore, we help care teams to deliver safer, smarter care that meets the demands of the modern patient while streamlining existing processes.

Job Description

Vital is software for hospital Emergency Departments & patients. We use AI to reduce length of stay, save millions by increasing doctors’ and nurses’ productivity, and keep patients safe & happy. There are more than 500 million visits to the ED every year in the US. Our goal is to improve the healthcare experience for these patients.

We are building a mission-focused, inclusive, and motivated team to scale our product to more patients. Based primarily in Auckland, New Zealand we also have offices in Nashville and Atlanta. Vital is backed by prominent investors in healthcare, and founded by Aaron Patzer and Dr. Justin Schrager.

As a Software Engineer at Vital, you will develop and launch cutting-edge products, using the best technologies available. We have a strong DevOps culture, excellent CI/CD tooling, an agile (lower-case a) approach, and a commitment to a microservice architecture. We are completely cloud-based. We make use of event sourcing, distributed systems, immutable data structures for persistence and graph databases for modeling patient flows.


  • You’ll be responsible for building and maintaining the backend systems that allow us to process and store medical data, and those that allow us to expose that data for frontend consumption.
  • You'll have a good understanding of scalability; you’ll use systems thinking to diagnose and solve performance problems as they arise.
  • Reliability is critical at Vital, and you’ll be working on a live production system directly used by both expert healthcare providers and their patients.


Most of our requirements are flexible for the right candidate.

  • We are looking for intermediate to senior engineers with experience in maintaining web applications, preferably at scale, with high performance and volume. We’d like you to have several years of software engineering experience.
  • Our backend systems are primarily Scala, but using the right tool for the job is more important to us than language homogeneity. Experience in Scala, or modern Java, would be an advantage, but we know the best engineers are quick to learn and eager to do so.
  • Because of our need for high reliability and scalability, the right candidate will have strong fundamentals in Software Engineering/Computer Science. For example, you should have a good understanding of the performance of algorithms at scale, and be able to communicate this in Big-O notation.
  • Other than the above, we’d like you to demonstrate passion and drive toward your engineering work, and toward the prospect of making a real difference in healthcare.

The right candidate will take initiative to get things done, embrace uncertainty and work well in a team of other high-performing engineerings.


Bonus skills

Some additional skills which we’d find useful if you have them, but should not affect your decision to apply:

  • Experience in Javascript, or providing APIs to stateful client-side applications.
  • Experience in healthcare-related technologies, such as integrating with Electronic Health Record systems.
  • Experience in GraphQL, Postgresql, AWS data services such EKS or Aurora, Kafka, Akka, Slick, or any of the other software we happen to use currently.


Who You Are

  • Have passion and drive for software engineering.
  • Possess a strong bias towards getting it done. You take initiative and don’t need to wait for permission.
  • Comfortable with, embrace, and thrive in uncertainty.
  • Work well with other, high-calibre team members.


As a startup, a role at Vital gives you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly growing company, where you can have a large impact on our engineering culture. You’ll have the autonomy and independence to make important decisions, while supported by a brilliant and enthusiastic team.

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