Senior UI Engineer


Mountain View, CA, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Prod Mgmt/Dev
  • Post Date: 05/25/2009
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 201A Ravendale Drive, Mountain View, CA, 94043

About Skyrider

At Skyrider we harness the power of distributed computing to enhance web experiences. Using our core technology platform we make it possible for web publishers to deliver large amounts of media to users without burdening data center or CDN resources.

As web experiences rapidly become richer in content and quality, Skyrider leverages the increasing edge user bandwidth to offload distribution costs and allow media-rich websites to reach large audiences at a fraction of the cost incurred today, all the while enhancing user experience.

Job Description

Our Web Engineers develop browser based applications that provide the end user access to a rich set of services provided by the world of P2P networks. We want someone that brings an engineering rigor to client-side programming.

Job Responsibilities:

Interacting with product management and design teams to understand requirements and mockups.
Accept and embrace rapidly iterating requirements and design towards greater usability.
Partnering with backend engineering team, establishing contracts, reviewing specifications for completeness.
Soliciting and integrating, in conjunction with product management, end user focus groups feedback on designs, prototypes, and products to ensure the products meet business goals.


Minimum Requirements:

Bachelors Degree a must.
2-5 years of experience in the development of end user client Applications
A solid understanding of all aspects of AJAX - object oriented JavaScript, CSS, DOM, and HTML.
Hands on experience with rich, high touch and high performance interactive browser based video applications.
Embedded Windows Media Player experience is a must.
Experience with investigating the root causes of poor page performance and implementing best practices to optimizing page performance.
Demonstrated expertise and hands on experience with XML web services consumption (REST, WSDL) .Basic understanding of HTTP protocol.
Demonstrated experience with full product life cycle
Integration with third party applications.
Exposure to scripting languages such as PHP.
Outstanding written and oral communication skills
Experience developing for cross-browser compatibility
Attention to detail

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