Senior Software Engineer

Holberton School

San Francisco, CA, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Post Date: 01/18/2021
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  • Company Address: 972 Mission Street 2nd floor, San Francisco, CA, 94103

About Holberton School

Holberton School is a project-based alternative to college for the next generation of software engineers.

Job Description

About Holberton School


Holberton School is a two-year full-stack software engineering program. Through project-based peer learning, Holberton School students cultivate their creativity and naturally learn how to collaboratively solve practical challenges.


Holberton is on its way to becoming the largest producer of Software Engineers in the US. Our current San Francisco campus will be home to 1,000 students, and our mentor community is over 150 strong and quickly growing.





Holberton is a revolutionary new type of software engineering school that "has no teachers, no lectures, and no upfront tuition" (Fast Company) and "helps inexperienced programmers land jobs at Apple" (CNN). It is not only disrupting the education landscape; it is literally changing the face of Silicon Valley. While the rest of the technology ecosystem struggles with diversity, Holberton school is 40 percent female and 53 percent minority(New York Times).

Our innovative project-based, hands-on educational model is supported by tech leaders Jeff Weiner (CEO of LinkedIn), Jerry Yang (founder of Yahoo!), and Solomon Hykes (founder of Docker). Students learn while tackling relevant real-world projects, supported by tech industry mentors. Our approach works: Holberton graduates land software engineering jobs at the most-competitive tech companies in the world -- not just Apple, but also TeslaLinkedIn, and NASA -- complete with high starting salaries and an incredible network of tech leaders and peers.



Holberton opens up these coveted positions to a highly diverse set of high-potential students insufficiently served by traditional high schools and colleges and/or lacking the resources to attend pricey prestigious schools. R&B singer Ne-YO is so enthusiastic about our potential to bring more minorities into the tech sector that he joined the board of trustees (Business Insider).



The work



The engineering team at Holberton focuses on building tools to drive the mission of the school, which is to bring high quality education to the most.


Everyday, you will develop features for students that are both innovative and conducive to their learning. Since our learning model is project and peer-learning based, novel automated software is key to our companies success.


For example, you will work on our correction system which automatically corrects hundreds of thousands of lines of code each day, whereby each edge case for a particular problem must be taken into account in an isolated environment.


Another example is our “Docker containers on-demand” service. We are providing students a web interface for getting custom configured Docker containers. These custom configured Docker containers are perfect for things such as, safely testing a bash script that updates a configuration file, or even debugging a broken webstack.


As an engineer at Holberton you will see that you have direct contact with your customer, which is the student! This enables almost immediate feedback, easier debugging, and very effective iteration.


We are a friendly group that knows how to have fun while priding ourselves in helping shape and empower the minds of future engineers. That said we care about our students, so it’s important for us to create software that is inclusionary and ever-evolving to the needs of our students and the tech industry.



Our stack



If we were to highlight some technologies used,we could list these (...but we are using MANY others): 


    • Ruby & Rails


    • Python


    • React & Redux


    • MySQL


    • PostgreSQL


    • Redis


    • Docker


If you think there isn’t enough tech at Holberton for you to have fun, please come talk to us :) 








    • Ruby & Rails (at least 3 years of experience)


    • 5+ years of experience working as a software engineer


    • Team player


    • Open-minded


    • Driven to discover, learn, and implement new tools and languages


Note: we do NOT require that you have a CS degree. If you have one, good for you, if you don't have any degree at all, good for you too :) 




Life at Holberton School



Holberton School provides a unique environment that enables a healthy culture of enriching work, supportive opportunities in career growth, and a strong sense of collaborative community. In this role, you would join a motivated team in an environment of constant idea development, skill acquisition, and knowledge sharing in a great location. Holberton School creates a place where people not only aspire to work, but are daily inspired to stay.



Our employees describe our culture as:




    • Empowering, innovative, fun, fun, fun


    • Collaborative, team-oriented, supportive


    • Great place to learn and grow


    • Passionate, hard working


    • Open, Transparent


    • Fast-paced





Perks of Working at Holberton:




    • Be a part of the core team - a real community


    • You’ll see your skills directly impact lives


    • Network with influential tech leaders


  • Flexible schedule

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