Test Infrastructure Engineer at Couchbase
Bangalore, IN
At Couchbase, big things happen. Every day, we’re translating vision into reality by tackling new and exciting challenges head-on. This is a breakthrough stage in our company, where the enthusiasm of our employees and leadership team is infectious and growing.  You’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills, grow your career, and work with the smartest, most passionate people in the industry.
Complex distributed systems require infrastructure and tooling that enable robust testing approaches and exercises. You are a Test Infrastructure Engineer focused on building automation that runs tests and manages its infrastructure including the conception and creation of tools, scripts, and frameworks to enable the entire Engineering team to write tests efficiently and effectively themselves. In this role, you'll increase the quality and reduce the risk of releasing software through automation- enabling engineers to better understand system scalability, performance, and behavior at a deeper level.
Here's a brief look at what success looks like in this role:
*In 3 months time- you'll have earned the trust of the team, taken on independent code review responsibilities, and shipped a material enhancement of the Couchbase Cloud test infrastructure.
*In 6 months time- you'll have delivered tasks through the entire SDLC, from conception to delivery with minimal guidance and your contributions will have made a material impact on the effectiveness of the team and their ability to deliver software without regressions and defects.
*In 12 months time- you'll have established a cadence of predictable, on-time delivery with high-quality work and have measurably improved the reliability, stability, and performance of Couchbase Cloud products through the adoption and use of the test automation infrastructure solutions you have developed.
This role is also open to remote work (USA, UK, India) as our teams are globally distributed. We are a remote-first team. Prior experience working remotely is not required, however, we are looking for team members who perform well given a high level of independence and autonomy and will establish a cadence of on-time delivery with high-quality work.


    • Design solutions and drive its implementation to protect Couchbase Cloud networks and systems
    • Provide security expertise and guidance to a diverse set of Couchbase engineering and business teams
    • Conduct security reviews of Couchbase Cloud corporate and production infrastructure
    • Build security tools and processes using Go for critical infrastructure protection, monitoring and remediation
    • Build and maintain reliable automation that provisions infrastructure at scale to handle the engineering teams to ensure the correctness and scalability of software
    • Automate processes to detect regressions, bugs, and other issues before they are released
    • Collaborate with teams to enhance their workflow and productivity
    • Make it easy for engineers to write unit, integration, load, performance, soak, fuzz, and other kinds of tests
    • Adopt, improve, and advocate for our vision for the quality of Couchbase Cloud products
    • Work with Site Reliability Engineers and Support Teams to reproduce complex scenarios reported by customers and enable engineers to write regression tests to fix and prevent them
    • Collaborate with other engineers across the stack to deliver delightful user experiences
    • Write various kinds of tests including unit and integration tests to ensure the stable operation of test infrastructure
    • Smartly instrument software using techniques such as distributed tracing and logging
    • Write and review technical proposals
    • Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes
    • Key technologies this role will employ: Go (Golang), Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP, Grafana, Prometheus, Alert Manager, Thanos, Terraform, Vault, Couchbase Server, Datadog


    • You have 7+ years of relevant experience
    • You have knowledge of public cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Azure, and GCP
    • You have a deep understanding of software testing, testability, and supportability
    • You have built CI/CD pipelines and pre-production environments
    • You have experience with Kubernetes
    • You love to write Go, more Go, and then a little more Go
    • You care deeply about software quality and operability, and better ways of building software
    • You are kind and collaborative
    • You enjoy working remote with people from all over the world
    • The software you write is sympathetic to the humans who will maintain it
    • Value clear, open communication. We value thoughtful feedback, regular dialogue, and collaboration as fundamental skills on our team.
    • Demonstrate excellent time management skills and the ability to make realistic assessments of product complexity
About Couchbase
Couchbase's mission is to be the platform that accelerates application innovation. To make this possible, Couchbase created an enterprise-class, multi-cloud NoSQL database architected on top of an open source foundation. Couchbase is the only database that combines the best of NoSQL with the power and familiarity of SQL, all in a single, elegant platform spanning from any cloud to the edge.  
Couchbase has become pervasive in our everyday lives; our customers include industry leaders Amadeus, AT&T, BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), Carrefour, Comcast, Disney, DreamWorks Animation, eBay, Marriott, Neiman Marcus, Tesco, Tommy Hilfiger, United, Verizon, Wells Fargo, as well as hundreds of other household names.
Couchbase has offices around the globe, and we’re committed to a work environment where you can be happy and thrive, in and out of the office.
At Couchbase, you’ll get:
* A fantastic culture
* A focused, energetic team with aligned goals
* True collaboration with everyone playing their positions
* Great market opportunity and growth potential
* Time off when you need it.
* Regular team lunches and fully-stocked kitchens.
* Open, collaborative spaces.
* Competitive benefits
Whether you’re a new grad or a proven expert, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills, grow your career, and work with the smartest, most passionate people in the industry.
Revolutionizing an industry requires a top-notch team. Become a part of ours today. Bring your big ideas and we'll take on the next great challenge together.
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