Software Engineer (Dev) at Fungible
Bangalore, IN
Fungible is defining data-centric computing, both in terms of software and in terms of hardware (with its DPU)

Skills, Education, and Experience Required

    • Bachelors in Computer Science
    • Proficiency in a managed programming language (Go, Java or Python)
    • Background in Linux, and ability to use basic tools (top, df, du, etc.)
    • Familiarity with product life cycle including deployment, development, maintenance, and documentation
    • Work experience in any systems level product 
    • Experience working on a UNIX based environment 

Additional Success Factors

    • Experience working with Cassandra, InfluxDB, Kafka
    • Experience with Bash and Ansible
    • Experience with Docker and familiarity with container terminology (especially Kubernetes and helm)
    • Awareness with basics of Networking and networking tools  e.g. netstat, iptables, ss and other commonly used networking tools