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Senior Solutions Architect at Vendia
Remote / San Francisco, CA, US / Seattle, WA, US

All companies - from the largest enterprises to small "mom & pop" shops - need visibility into their critical business data to serve customers and stay competitive. But in today's world of SaaS outsourcing, complex supply chains, logistics partners, and multi-party relationships in every aspect of a company's business, that data no longer lives in one database or even inside a single company. Instead, it's spread across dozens, even hundreds, of disparate IT environments spanning companies, countries, cloud service providers, and legal and regulatory regimes. If that weren't challenging enough, this is happening at the very time that companies need access to timely, consistent, and complete business data like never before to power AI/ML, perform deep analytics, and optimize mission critical business costs.

Vendia enables businesses to lower costs and optimize customer outcomes by restoring access to data and services regardless of where they live. Vendia's recreates the speed and ease of a conventional database through a novel and automatic decentralized platform that creates consistent, timely, and transactional access to data even when that data crosses clouds, regions, and owners. Unlike "first gen" blockchains that suffer from massive scalability limitations and fail to connect to enterprise systems, Vendia's technology integrates seamlessly into the enterprise with minimal disruption and scales to hundreds of thousands of transactions a second per chain, enabling it to power large, production workloads including high volume / low latency payments, mission critical logistics for complex discrete manufacturing, and tackling the hardest cross-cloud code sharing jobs through the world's simplest and most scalable approach to smart contracts.

What We're Looking For

As a startup, Vendia is looking for highly experienced, cloud-focused Solution Architects. You are deeply technical and have repeated experience customizing, deploying, integrating, and optimizing public cloud solutions for the Fortune 1000. Building server, container, and serverless architectures and understanding how to insert them into existing enterprise systems with minimal disruption must be in your daily toolkit. You should obsess over customer experience in the form of production metrics and be able to harvest customer feedback and use that to continuously improve Vendia's products and services.

Culturally, you are well-rounded: You enjoy working on a team but can also take a project from "concept to customer meeting" all by yourself. You don't need to be motivated by others to do your best. You can teach and learn from others. You hold yourself and those around you to the highest standards of customer success, production metrics, and legal and regulatory compliance, but you are also relentless self critical. You are passionate about making customers successful and happy and won't rest until you get them to that state. Most importantly, you feel and act like an owner at all times - no job is too small, or too big, for you to help.

About Us

Founded in 2019, Vendia is a rapidly growing startup located in San Francisco and Seattle but serving the needs of enterprises around the globe. We embrace remote workers but also love interactive development. Our culture is dynamic, with a focus on rapid, iterative delivery and continuous learning from customer engagements. Most importantly, we are a "succeed or fail together" company - everyone here plays nicely with others and we value that as a key litmus test in job applicants.

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  • 4 year undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Math, or similar subject area or equivalent accredited academic degree
  • At least 4 years experience in a solution architect or pre-sales engineering role, preferably with public cloud focus
  • Exceptional technical communicator
  • Legal authorization to work in the US

Preferred Characteristics

  • Experience with multiple public clouds, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Oracle, Tencent, and Alicloud and with monitoring ISVs, such as Datadog, NewRelic, and Splunk
  • Transparent work products, such as GitHub commits to a well-known open source project
  • Strong public speaking and evangelism skills
  • Prior experience at a startup or similar fast-paced environment
  • Prior domain-specific experience, such as supply chain, logistics, IoT, or related sectors/verticals
  • Fluency in one or more foreign languages