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Analytical Chemistry Research Associate at ZymoChem

San Leandro, CA, US

The Opportunity

We are hiring an Analytical Chemistry Research Associate to join our rapidly expanding R&D team for the fast-paced, goal-driven development of the company’s novel carbon-conserving metabolic pathway biotechnology. This cross-functional role is a great opportunity to work hand-in-hand with other R&D groups on enzyme development, strain engineering, and bioprocessing efforts while also acquiring hands-on expertise with creating & optimizing analytical workflows using state-of-the-art analytical equipment. The Analytical Chemistry Research Associate will also have opportunities to build out & expand the Analytics group’s capabilities as well as collaborate with the company’s external partners.


  • Routinely lead the hands-on setup and execution of analytical equipment and protocols for sample preparation, sample analysis, and automated data analysis

  • Troubleshoot workflows with the aim to improve data quality, increase throughput, and decrease operational expenses

  • Manage the streamlined operation of the Analytics Group by routinely preparing buffers, standards, and reagents as well as maintaining the group’s chemicals and consumables inventories

  • Collaborate with other internal R&D groups to establish appropriate analytical methods and deliver high-quality data & analyses toward strain optimization and bioprocess development

  • Interface with the company’s LIMS for analytics-related data acquisition and subsequent implementation of statistical analyses on large data sets

  • Assist with the build-out and maintenance of the company’s analytics capabilities: procurement of equipment, commissioning, and hands-on equipment troubleshooting & repair

  • Implement proof-of-concept studies to explore new technologies, accelerate workflows, and advance the company’s analytics competencies

  • Lead the Analytics Group’s general operations & scheduling as well as assist with user training & support


  • MS or BS in Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering or a related discipline

  • MS degree (or BS degree plus 2 years) with industrial/startup experience working directly with analytics-related technologies and protocols

  • Hands-on experience operating commercial LC, GC, and MS systems & software is a requirement; familiarity with other analytical equipment, software, and data analysis tools (e.g., SQL, JMP) is a plus

  • Prior work with developing and optimizing analytics workflows (e.g., LC-MS, GC-MS) and metabolite sample preparation protocols; familiarity with proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, and 13C metabolic flux analysis workflows and data analyses is a plus

  • Experience implementing data analytics software based on Python, R, or MatLab scripts for analyzing large datasets

  • Solid knowledge base with the fundamentals of organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, microbial metabolism, and physiology

  • Rigorous attention to details with experimental design, execution, noise/variability, reproducibility, and record keeping

  • Adept ability to work both individually and cross-disciplinary to balance multiple independent experiments/projects

  • Keen sense for both physical (lab) and data-oriented organization

  • Excellent time management skills along with being effective with multitasking and improvising work plans while maintaining efficiency

ZymoChem offers full-time employees a competitive base salary and benefits package, and the company is an equal opportunity employer. If this position aligns with your career aspirations, please apply using the form below.