Job Details

Front-End Software Engineer at Figure Eight
San Francisco, CA, US

You will be working on the most important problems in technology today: how can humans and AI collaborate to solve important and sometimes complicated tasks? Our users range from engineers and data scientists to subject matter experts creating training data for machine learning. In all cases, we are building tools which increasingly incorporate machine learning.

As a member of our UX team you will design and build user interfaces that provide the best experience for our users, whether that’s collecting and managing training data for AI models, evaluating the quality of data, or evaluating the machine learning models used by that data.

Specifically, the UI that you build will be annotation tools for 2D and 3D images, text annotation, audio collection and annotation, and videos. The interfaces will combine human inputs (eg: Bounding Boxes on Objects) and Machine Learning inputs (eg: Automatic Object Tracking in Videos). You will be collaborating on the architecture of features you’re working on with our Product Team, our Machine Learning Team, and members of the back-end Engineering teams.

When possible, you’ll work on migrating existing features from legacy applications to a modern front-end stack and fix bugs when necessary. You’ll mentor less experienced developers and constantly work on improving your own skills and the quality of our code-base.


  • Work on new features for combining human and machine intelligence.
  • Implement QA strategies and bug fixes as needed.
  • Migrate legacy systems (primarily RoR views) to React/Redux stack.
  • Follow and promote best practices for writing maintainable, well­-tested code.
  • Participate in selecting tools and setting development standards at Figure Eight.


  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript and CSS.
  • 5+ years experience developing commercial web applications.
  • 2+ years experience with working with Ruby and Ruby on Rails framework.
  • 1+ year experience with working with Node.js platform and tools.
  • 1+ year experience with React/Redux setup.
  • Proficiency with command line and Chrome Developer Tools.
  • Experience with Git, Docker, Jira, Confluence.
  • Assertive “get things done” attitude.
  • Experience or interest in Machine Learning. You will work closely with the team building the Machine Learning models and will be using your UX expertise to help with their research directions.