Job Details

Associate Customer Success Engineer at Figure Eight
San Francisco, CA, US

Figure Eight is constantly growing, developing, and operating in a fun, data-driven environment. The role is a full-time, entry-level position that begins with a  4 - 6 month trial period (known internally as 'The Alchemist' program). After significant growth and learning, you’ll graduate from the trial period into an Associate Customer Success Engineer.  

You’ll work in the Customer Success team alongside the bright minds of Figure Eight engineers, data-scientists, Sales Executives, Customer Success Managers and more. Day-to-day responsibilities involve managing the basic functions of Figure Eight’s technology and conducting audits of Fortune 500 data. You'll be exposed to the different facets of Figure Eight and a fast-track to a full-time position within the company. In addition, we will provide invaluable resources to help you improve your technical skills. If you’re smart and hungry to work hard, learn, and make a difference - let us know!

A few things you'll focus on:

  • Support and/or facilitate data enrichment jobs for enterprise clients including implementation, execution, and ongoing maintenance
  • Define scope and pilot new uses for existing customers 
  • Build custom user interfaces on behalf of customers and consult them on how to implement
  • Work closely with the CSM's to drive adoption on the Figure Eight platform 
  • Act as a technical escalation point for CSM's and Customer Support 
  • Perform regular results audits, track job performance metrics, and provide regular reports to customers
  • Contribute to on-boarding new customers by offering customized feedback/consultation on their specific use cases (over the phone and onsite)
  • Provide feedback on systems/tools/process in order to increase automation and improve the efficiency of execution
  • Develop and continually optimize workflows, job calibration, and quality controls to improve the user experience for contributors while meeting customer expectations for results, quality, and turnaround time
  • Provide customer support through email, chat, phone, and in-person


  • Comfortable working with others — phone, email, and in-person.
  • Be easily coachable and listen to feedback from others
  • Willing to listen but also not be afraid to ask questions when needed
  • Eager to offer a better solution if you have one or work with other team members if you do not
  • Capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously and budget your time effectively (we do not micromanage)
  • Analytical thinking — ability to take a problem, break it down and use qualitative and quantitative means to solve it
  • Strong computer skills 
  • 4 year University degree from a top school

A big plus:

  • Solid grasp of HTML and CSS
  • 1-2 years relevant job experience 
  • Knowledge of scripting and coding (especially Python, R, SQL, or JavaScript)
  • Excitement about working with big-name customers
  • Strong attention to detail